legion of superheroes live action version

I have always thought a live action legion of superheroes show would be great. They have done it small by having them appear on smallville and supergirl. It would be great.


Yes, that would be awesome!

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Jeesh that would be perfect on this service. Let’s make this thing a success and I’m sure we’ll get it. Soooooo many stories and genres to cover with a legion of characters. Would be amazing. Lately I feel like anything is possible.

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Could totally start a spinoff with Mon El, Saturn Girl, And Brainiac-5 while adding new characters…Lightning Lad, Shadow Lass, and Bouncing Boy and Blok for comedic relief lol

I agree, but like with what I see they are doing with Titans, they can’t hold back. They can’t be concerned with not using A cause they were on X and we can’t use B cause they might make a movie yada yada yada. If you want to honor the source material, USE the source material. Recast Mon-EL if you don’t wanna use the old one, get us someone to play a young Clark/Superboy. The CW has helped me realize that I don’t care how many of the same versions of character is as long as they are good. I mean just recently we had two different shows covering a modern day sherlock holmes WHILE there were also Sherlock Holmes movies being made and no one complained. So yeah Let’s have two versions of the Legion on TV, Let’s get ourselves two more TV Batman’s while were at. Gotham is ending soon, so I’d like to see a Batman for Titans, and a Batman TV Show as well. Batman has such a rich history and so many characters we need to have a show were we see Batman & Robin running around doing whacky-ness, like an Adam West sorta revival? Batfleck or whomever can still do there thing on the big screen I honestly wouldn’t care

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