Legion - Now recruiting big city people and ebayers

Cool behaviour: Let’s package a legion ring with each first issue so every reader is a member of the legion.

Uncool behavior: Let’s turn the legion rings into a market opportunity where we push dealers to buy more comics than they can sell to inflate the sales numbers. Of course legion members will then only be people from big cities with big comic shops, and people who pay scalpers on ebay, but who cares, look at them sales numbers. Also, we could have rare rings for those who sell a lot of comics.

Why DC? Why?
(I know the answer is because money, but still…Why?)

The comic shops have Legion Rings?

*rushed out the door, with a slight wiff sound of the wind.

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If your comic book store buys 200 copies of Legion of Superheroes they get 50 rings. So unless you have big comic book store you are wooshing to - no they won’t get it. Also even if they do, only 1/4 buyers from that store will get a ring.