[Legion Fan Club] Monthly Reader Y2 M2B: The Mystery of Sensor Girl..REVEALED! June 17th, 2020

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #22 – 26 Sensor Girl Mystery Unravels! Weekly Reader 2nd Year / 3rd reading

Welcome back to another [Legion Fan Club] reading, with the story line once again being published during the time of the Deluxe Format / No Ads extra pages (29 in total per issue) 1986 era of Legion glossy bright color wonder! We’ll read the annual #2 another time.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #22 LoSH 22 Meet the Restorer—the first deadly creature in Universo’s evil plan! Packed with action, this issue is the spawning ground of things to come!

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #23 LoSH 23 Mon-El, immune to his serum, is back in the Phantom Zone! But can the Legion find a cure?

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #24 LoSH 24 Last chance to guess who Sensor Girl really is!

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #25 LoSH 25 Finally! Sensor Girl’s identity is revealed

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #26 LoSH 26 It’s all-out battle with the brand-new and deadlier-than-ever Fatal Five!


  1. How is the solo writing of Paul Levitz holding up in this run?
  2. We have the same artist for this whole batch this time around, which is rare to find – what do you like or not like about Greg LaRocque’s version of the Legion?

  1. Who was the most intriguing villain this time around with the Fatal Five?
  2. Did the Sensor Girl reveal / explanation work for you?

Next time : A surprise crossover!

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This guy may have a point in our first issue to read, but he may also be a nut…

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This was posted 4 days ago!

Where I have been that I missed it?

I’ll jump into this reading later today. Interested to read some more Levitz.

As they say up my way, it’s going to be huge!!

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Alright. It’s been a long weekend but here are my thoughts on this run…

Paul Levitz did well. He held up as a writer, although I thought Sensor Girl was wayyyyyyyyy drawn out to the point that I didn’t really care about that plot point, and it made me look for the action of the plot over the internal drama of the plot. I mean the explanation makes sense, but man it felt like a slog to read through all of the “I can’t trust her” drama.

I felt like the non-traditional Fatal Five members didn’t get a real chance to shine here. I’d like to learn more about them, but they kind of felt like one-off characters, at least in this story. I did enjoy their designs and the art of this storyline (and consistency of the art) very much.

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Glad you could get in the reading, @Meisaj . I know life happens, especially during the summer.

It looks like Tellus agrees with your assessment of all the time everyone spent agonizing over the true identity of Sensor Girl:

I also enjoy the new version here of the Fatal Five. Maybe some of the survivors will show up in later stories.

Some other panels from this time around with comments:

Wow does the scene above ever remind me of Russ Manning’s Gold Key 60’s Magnus Robot Fighter

While the “talk talk talk” debate about Sensor Girl was a tad much, this scene above was a nice touch.

Of course one of the additional abilities of the Emerald Eye would be to “see” in an extraordinary fashion…noted, “Eye” see…

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Tellus has to be one of my favorite Legion characters. From a design standpoint he is just so much further out there than most other Legion members. It’s a very unique character and I’m hard pressed to see any other comic book characters that look like him.

Man… I used to love reading Magnus Robot Fighter. I’m most familiar with the Valiant era version of the character, but the generic robot designs and them falling apart from kicks and punches is fantastic.

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As I think about it, maybe it’s not a coincidence that Jim Shooter went from writing the Legion of Superheroes as a lad to then 20 years or later launching Valiant Comics with Magnus Robot Fighter one of the first characters. Both fictional worlds are very similar futuristic Utopias.

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