What do you think of the concept that is bringing both groups together?

It’s hard to really say because we don’t really see much of what this “Great Darkness” is. We know it’s a similar event happening at possibly the same time and that it can absorb people and go from one time frame to another, but that’s it. I don’t think they even say if it’s done anything harmful. The only reason we know it’s big enough for the Legion and the Justice League to team up is because of the name “Great Darkness.”

Is Gold Lantern a hero or villain…or something else?

Maybe it’s because I’ve still yet to finish up Bendis’ run on Legion, but I barely know enough from this character to know for sure. He talks a fair enough game in terms of inspiration and friendship and stuff, but I don’t think they show who it is he’s talking to, so who knows what is going on there.

Do you like the Legion being older teens or do you prefer them a bit older in storylines?

I’m gonna walk the line here and say I like both – more specifically, I think what made the Legion successful back in the day is that much like other young heroes like, say, Spider-Man, part of the appeal was getting to see these younger, inexperienced, learning teenagers grow up to become seasoned adults confident in their abilities, themselves, and as a team.

Does the artwork by Scott Godlewski work for you? Why or why not?

I like it – it’s crisp, clean, expressive, he does a good job with weird creatures and sci-fi elements. His faces are all kind of the same but hey, a lot of great artists have that problem.

Do you have any favorite scenes / panels from this issue? If so, post them below please!

I liked Jon coming back to the Legion as well as their interactions with the League – it’s small dialogue stuff, but it was cute to see the Legion geeking out over the League.


Glad you had a chance to read it @Jay_Kay !
All the issues have finally published, so we do know there will be a beginning middle and end LOL.

Frankly I had forgotten that Jon Kent shows up at the beginning. For a couple reasons I’ve been wanting to review this series again, so this seems like a good time to dig in again on things like this as well as the Gold Lantern.