Legends of Tomorrow: Tagumo Attacks!!!

Just my quick thoughts on this week’s episode:

  1. “We’re going to need a bigger time shop.” Who says Cisco Ramon is the only pop culture fan?
  2. Gary’s reference to Groundhog Day, one of my favorite movies ( loved the Legends episode where Z kept repeating the same day). I liked how he knew she was vegetarian probably from one of the many conversations they had that she cannot remember, just like the Bill Murray classic.
  3. I enjoyed the scenes of Ava with Nate’s family for the holiday but why cannot Sara be there? She has a time ship and was currently in the past so why couldn’t she be there.
  4. Mick and his inspiring words to create one of the most famous monsters to come out of Japan. And did he get inspiration for his heroine from Total Recall?
  5. Ray inspiring Nora to turn herself in because he sees the best in everyone. (Tear)
  6. Nate’s dad saying Make like a tree and leave. Nate then saying I don’t think it goes like that. Love the reference to Biff’s line from Back to the Future ( another fave of mine).
  7. Finally the mystery of Project Hades just when I was beginning to like Nate’s dad. Once a Tannen, always a Tannen I guess.

I think it’s cute that Mick has a high-key crush on “Fake Amaya”.

I think he had a low-key crush on real Amaya though.

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Gary and Mona go great together!

sounded like the movie director was called Soichiro Honda, but I couldn’t find a connection between the real Soichiro and Godzilla

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Ishirō Honda is the name of the movie director in this episode. There is a real life man by that name that was involved in the making of the Godzilla movies and a wiki entry about him, but there is nothing written about him being at Hiroshima. If the article is correct what he was upto during this time period is sorta stomach turning. Maybe they just took the guys name and made the rest up. Although there was a bit in the article talking about how he had escaped death at one point during the war and brought home a shell casing that he kept on his desk.

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oh okay, thank you

Inspiration was definitely from total recall. Soon as she appeared I said he pulled a total recall to myself. Anyone think it’s getting obvious that Gary’s food delivery buddy is eventually going to have to join the bureau. She’s been mind wiped more x’s then Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones combined. Also, I think Gary has a crush on her adding to JLWWSM’s crush list & he already has a man crush on Constantine.

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