Legends of Tomorrow: Rage Against the Machines (Spoilers)

Thawne has bought us just enough time this week to go through all the excitement of the episode so we better do the time warp again!

  1. Time Correctors: It is probably too late to come up with a better name now,
  2. “We’re not going to let some fascist time cops tell me how history should be!” Maybe Sara and the Legends inspired them a little too much.
  3. “Goodbye, janky time travel.” Yes, back to the luxury that was the time ship even with one bathroom.
  4. “We really are our own worst enemy.” Best line ever.
  5. “I can’t wait to kill that puny armed version of me.” He really is beginning to become a favorite of mine even if he is trying to kill the Legends.
  6. The Legends really are true heroes in that Sara was going to rush off to warn Thawne that he was in danger of being killed. Others would have let him die for what he has done.
  7. “I haven’t seen that outfit in ages.” - many many seasons now.
  8. “At least my outfit does not have a hole in it.” True 80s action star burn,
  9. Sara is trying to keep to her promise she made to Thawne should he die. As I said true heroes.
  10. But really, is Thawne really dead this time?
  11. “No fighting? They’re pathetic.”
  12. “Soldiers don’t go on missions by themselves. They stick together.” This show is amazing in that they got rid of COnstantine, used the same actor and brand new character and make me like him as well.
  13. “Protect the timeline. Kill the Legends. Well, I guess that’s two jobs.” Counting is not his strong suit.
  14. Does Evil Gideon have a sense of humor in that when Steel gets hit hard enough, he starts talking like Ahnuld?
  15. Love the montage showing how the Legends as a team helped Gwyn get through his past traumas.
  16. “Legends are like cockroaches. But I’m like an exterminator.” And I’ll be back!
  17. “In a war, a soldier is only ever as good as his general.”
  18. “I was a lost, lonely broken man but with your help, I was able to rebuild myself up. I believe in you Miss Lance.” Really loving the characterization for Gwyn right now.
  19. With Gwyn’s experiences as a soldier, he can help them plan strategy to take on the evil robots. Makes sense.
  20. Team is hidden on a key like a mini Trojan horse.
  21. “Maybe we could tell them we put a man on the moon in 1969.” “What was his crime I wonder?” Different perspective.
  22. “Maybe we can shut down the oxygen and then they can die slowly and Gary can eat them.” Spooner can get pretty dark.
  23. Evil Spooner is mad at Behrad as she needs to catch up to his kill count.
  24. “I am going to need a year long cleanse after this”
  25. “They replaced the toilet.” They did not need to mention it, but it was missing since Bishop escaped on it earlier in the season.
  26. Zari 2.0 thinks it would be impossible to replicate this perfect bone structure in a robot.
  27. Evil Gidget
  28. “My agent warned me against playing villains.”
  29. Evil Zari looks like an evil 90s hacker, the height of the hacker types.
  30. “Play dumb. It took the Legends years to realize I was an alien.” Good point, Gary.
  31. Awww, Astra why so mean to Gideon?
  32. Macarenas and high fives are not enough to disrupt…
  33. …but singing fish, Darth Vader spoiler alerts and VR sets are.
  34. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
  35. Does Men in Black know you stole their mind wiping flashy thingy?
  36. "What the Hell? " “Funny, you should ask.” She just pushed those robots to their doom. I hope it does not come back to haunt them…
  37. Did Spooner really trick Evil Gary into eating and killing both him and Evil Spooner? I feel like I witnessed Bugs Bunny tricking Daffy Duck.
  38. OK, so Astra was only overprotective like a mom would be to Gideon. This is why she was so mean. The Mama Bear Astra came out.
  39. Really, a slap fight between Zari’s?
  40. I love having captioning on while watching. I saw this during the Zari fight scene: both scoff]
  41. “This is for making me wear cargo pants.” Come on, you must know who the real Zari is by now?!
  42. “Were you going to eat me Gary?”
  43. My question is why they did not think to switch t using Zari 1.0 with her hacker skills for disabling Gidget? Might have been easier.
  44. "Team Ruckus, we have the Waverider. "
  45. “I love when a plan comes together.” As if we have not had our fill of 80s action so far.
  46. “There are no other soldiers I’d rather go into battle with.” Gwyn finally becomes a Legend.
  47. “Let’s go to our replica home. Home adjacent.” That’s right, this is not the original Waverider.
  48. “As your captain, let me protect you guys, one last time.” Sara ever the hero looking out for her team.
  49. “What happened? I thought I killed all you garbage people?”
  50. “As a reward, I get to guard the Fixed Point of the Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination forever. Something you two time losers could never do.” Employing the classic duck season/rabbit season tactic. Well played Nate.
  51. "I am really proud of you. " “Thanks, Mum.” Awwww, what could spoil a moment like that…
  52. …Nooooo!!! I told you you should have made sure those robots would not come back to haunt you!!
    Hopefully this is not the end for Gideon, or maybe to save her, she has to become part of the ship again and not in her human body. But what will Gary do? What will Astra feel about that? We should find out soon, but until then, stay Legendary!
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