Legends of Tomorrow: Paranoid Android (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I hope you enjoyed the holiday break and are ready to rejoin the craziest but most likable time travelers we know. And so lets get to stuff you should know!

  1. Enjoyed the narration at the start of the episode. I have missed giving a brief summary of the story as part of the opening to a show. Had a very A-Team feel to it.
  2. SO, the killer robot psycho Legends think they are the real ones and the others are the evil robots? I can kinda see their point when the real Legends screw up time and accidentally killed Hoover and Edison.
  3. “No, Gary, we cannot save one so you can eat it.”
  4. The opening theme and music!!! They really captured the retro 80s (wow retro 80s makes me feel old) feel with the character names in quotes and “Dr. Sharpe”!
  5. Spooner/Behrad the next great buddy action film where they try to one up each other. They will work together as long as they don’t kill each other!
  6. “Red ain’t good.”
  7. Punching history back into shape. Can this get anymore like an old 80s cartoon with the dialogue?
  8. Destiny Restoration Devices: otherwise known as radiation sticks since these people were supposed to die painful long deaths.
  9. “Gideon, fire up the incinerator.” With getting rid of the old and upgrading them each turn, it seems misunderstood (not evil) Gideon is following Bishop’s playbook but with robots and not clones.
  10. “Time is like cement.” Um, OK. If that is the case, why try to change it back to original timeline?
  11. Steel Punch action with the Citizen Steel action figure.
  12. Rock music in the background of a big fight scene…get the 80s feels here.
  13. “You got a date with destiny.”
  14. Anyone else notice that B and Spooner kept raising their guns higher to compete?
  15. “If we don’t stop this, all these people are going to live.”
  16. I have realized that just like any old action movie or show, Gary is like the dumb animal/weird alien character that is the butt of jokes and does not do much,
  17. Creating a fake newscast to get everyone to return home sounds like something the other Legends would do.
  18. Zari has become the ultimate hacker as a computer. Gideon almost hurt herself by giving her too many skills to get around her plans.
  19. Since the general’s kids and wife do nothing significant, they can be removed from the timeline. That is cold.
  20. Love the fact that even as a robot, Sara is questioning why they are acting like monsters when they are supposed to be the heroes. Too bad all this development gets removed at the end of episode returning her to her original assassin roots.
  21. “When you wake up, you will feel like a new person.” Or robot, whatever.
  22. Tough cookie to take the scapel cutting into her even if she is not human.
  23. Thigh strangle move, throwing stars, or bo staff. Not bo staff, that is too boring. Nice meta knock at one of her earlier weapons of choice.
  24. “I hate watching people die without sound. What are we in the dark ages?”
  25. They were prioritized to protect the timeline above all human life. Misunderstood Gideon really has taken this to a new level. Good thing the Time Masters were in control before to temper it.
  26. “Blow your mind/CPU”
  27. “Deep down, we are all made of steel?”
  28. “Do you know why the real Legends were making all these changes to history? Because they were following their hearts, not their CPUs.” Yup, that’s our Legends.
  29. “Goodbye Gidget.” Love the reference from Zari, um 2.5? 3.0?
  30. Gideon turns Zari by promising her a better brain. What, is this the Wizard of Oz?
  31. “Everytime the Legends try to fix history, they screw it up even worse.” Yup that is our Legends as well.
  32. “Look we are the bad guys. No, we are the better guys.”
  33. “Well, looks like I am in charge of this dumpster fire.”
  34. Nate mistaken for John Cena!!! Well John Cena is more swole all over. Nice burns kids.
  35. “Commander Steel!” “No, that is Citizen Steel.” Love the meta choices on the fact that these characters often change names for these sorta ranks
  36. “I’m here to talk to you about bullying.” Does not look like the kids learn their lessons as they pick on Steel a lot.
  37. “And that’s stuff you should know.” My 80s heart has swelled with this and the fact that this part of the show was in SD not HD so it looked like old PSA at end of episodes.
    The Legends did it again, as we saw an episode that reveled in retro looks, stilted dialogue, and educational PSA’s. Next time, we will be back to our regularly scheduled program and modern times. Until then, stay Legendary!