Legends of Tomorrow: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me ( Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I’m your host again this week and we had a real gangsta time so let’s get started:

  1. “What? No mission debrief?”
  2. I loved that Ray tries to see good in everyone including Astra. He was only one to see through John’s lie at end because Ray got through to Nora and believes John can do same for Astra.
  3. I love how excited Sara was that “encores were not our fault!”
  4. To hold the bad guys, “we’re gonna need a bigger pantry.”
  5. Cool intro it really fits with this show!
  6. Find out truth that “I’m a time traveling superhero who stol the family heirloom.”
  7. QB does not mean you get the ball you get to stay on ship
  8. Nate goes to B’s house to literally meet the girl of his dreams
  9. Z has 51 million followers…couldn’t get one million more for a nice round number?
  10. “Your sister is the dent in time “
  11. Johnny Moore…like Alan Moore, creator of John Constantine?
  12. Too many good lines for noir feel: “Time to get out of the pot waters about to boil “. That’s the biscuit but here’s the gravy”
  13. Mick’s wisdom” you were the boss of a massive organization and now you do didly squat”
  14. Simpson’s! Deputy chief Wiggum
  15. Bel Biv Devoe “Poison”. Love it! And before she was too drunk she could really sing!
  16. Sara standing up for Ava” she’s not a no name “
  17. One lady thought Ava was worse disaster than the Hindenburg. Come on she is not embarrassing herself. “Oh yes she is” says Mick!
  18. “You don’t have to go to Hell but you can’t stay here.”
  19. Did the hellfire gun remind anyone else of the gun they had on early seasons of Supernatural that was the original Colt gun that could kill demons? Anyone?
  20. Loved that it was Mick who knocks out Bugsy in one punch
  21. Forget it Ray. It’s Burbank. I’m a little foggy on reference but was this Chinatown?
  22. Um isn’t Johnny gonna catch some disease from drinking all this bad guy blood.
  23. I like that John changed his mind and thinks there has to be another way to get to Astra. Bravo!
  24. “I spat in that. Old prison trick”
  25. Waverider designation is WR2059? WR for WaveRider but is other year commissioned?
  26. Yeah Zari is back but as spoiled YouTuber. Um yay!
    That’s all for this time. Until next time stay Legendary!

I love the new intro! It fits so well with the show.
I also love how this season is going to be full of Constantine hooking up with people from different decades and eating things he definitely shouldn’t be. Haha.

Honestly what disease does Constantine probably not have at this point. :laughing:

I definitely thought that too! It’s very much like the Colt. I’m kinda glad that it “was out of bullets” and they didn’t keep using it throughout the season. It would have felt too much like Supernatural and I’m looking forward to seeing the creative ways they deal with the Encores.


The Ava reveal cracked me up! I laughed for five minutes straight. I had to pause it.

While I miss our Zari, I gotta say this Youtube Zari is funny. Tala Ashe is knocking it out of the park.


@serenap95 I am liking the post crisis openings to the shows. The Flash also fit its show but LoT reminds me of like 80s music videos or even ending to Spider-Man Homecoming which also had 80s teen movie feel.
I also liked they did away with the gun so quickly as it could have been a crutch. I liked the Colt but they needed to move from that on that show as well


@superby1 I know the new Z kinda threw me off but I like that she is playing someone much more carefree than the more shy and hardened person who had tragedy befall her family in original timeline. She really is acting 180 degrees different.
I want another musical episode if only to hear Ava sing again. Now was her good singing with backup singers just a drunken fantasy? Might be since they all knew a song that was new to them and people reacted differently to it


The entire arrowverse has been so good in these COIE aftermath episodes. Just the shot in the arm they all needed imho.


I had use for #24 about 3 hours after I watched the episode. A friend came by and took a sparkling water from my fridge and asked if it was Corona-safe. I told him I always spit on all my cans. Old Prison habit.


HaHa that’s awesome :clap:

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as a paragon, shouldn’t Sara know Zari was pre crisis and B is post crisis? or because the change was pre crisis at the theme park that she would not? too much timey wimey but the next episode should tell us more.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure it affected Sara too because it was pre-crisis and changed all of history. I think, if anyone was on the ship when the change happened, they would have remembered her, but they were all at the event.


Also, it was Zari’s brother (whose name i have yet to memorize) who opened the time portal.

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@AntLeon I believe they mentioned during the crossover that the paragons would remember the worlds as they were prior to the reboot of crisis. Zari being changed out for Behrad was done prior to the reboot for crisis which is why she doesn’t remember it. As others mentioned, if they were on the ship at time this swap occurred maybe they would have remembered her. Although if Nate could remember just by Rasputin hypnotizing him, I don’t think it would take much for the others to remember too. Also knowing this show, they will not drag it out too long. Enough to get some laughs from new Zari in fish out of water situations but the moment it gets too tired they will figure out a way to move on.

So theoretically, Gideon should remember. Or there should be Gideon acknowledging the secret message. am i over thinking it? why does it feel like i am trying to outwit the timey wimey?

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Ok so here’s the thing. Poison is of my favorite songs EVER, and I never wanted it remade - but boy, was I wrong - that was a FANTASTIC cover of Poison. Bel Biv Devoe’s is still the best, but I was stunned at how amazing it sounded with the band and her beautiful voice.

It’s gonna take me a minute to get used to the new Zari - I miss the old Zari, I hope she comes back.


As always - I stan Mick!

I’m stilling wondering where Charlie went. This was a solid episode and I like the new intro.


@AntLeon I think they tried to address the Gideon issue with her glitching until they realized there were two timelines overlapping. I think once they reset her, this memory was lost to her.
On the other hand, it might be best not to think too hard about it all on a show like LoT and just wait to see where it takes us next

When in doubt, let it play out, especially when it comes to LoT. If i remember correctly, the Zari message came out of the glitch fix. maybe i will rewatch to see what i missed. or misremembering.

I believe that the glitch fix caused Zari’s message to be erased and that it was discovered right before that moment.

So, the message was revealed before the fix and then erased? or did the fix reveal and then erase?

Went back and rewatched that part. Gideon was doing a “phantom memory scrub” to fix the virus issue that she was experiencing due to the timeline change. During the scrub she found a glitch during the Heyworld event, showing Zari which triggered her message for Nate. Right after the message was finished, Gideon said the phantom memory scrub was completed which erased Zari’s message and the glitch video.

thanks for doing the rewatch. and the fix did the reveal, which also erased the message. glad we are on the same page. And i am looking forward to geeking out with all you LoT-ers