Legends of Tomorrow: Legends of To-Meow-Meow

Welcome back fellow Legendary Island of Misfits! Sorry I am a day late but I wanted to catch up on that great Elseworlds crossover.
How great was it to see Gary as the Legends representative on the annual event? I could totally see him geeking out over other heroes/villains.
Here are my thoughts on this week’s episode:

  1. Again with a red-head but this time he is a magical being.
  2. Love the A-team intro for the all-guy Legends. Even down to the font in credits and shooting without any blood loss.
  3. Let me coin it here: Ray-mbo
  4. I liked the meta message about missing calls from Barry, Oliver and Kara. Must be that time of year again.
  5. I like when time travel shows explain how the timeline became what it was. It made sense for fairy godmother to turn Z into a cat. Or that unicorn at Woodstock killed Sara leading to shoot first mentality
  6. Speaking of Crisis crossover, realized John was Psycho Pirate in this episode as he remembered both realities
  7. Gary was clueless that he mentioned shapeshifter but really thought he was talking to future Gary
  8. Hard to get upset over deaths in shootout at bureau when techno beat plays
  9. Hank’s Angels next?!? Love the retro of this episode.
  10. I think I have heard those songs the puppets sing on my kids’ shows. At least similar enough to hurt my head
  11. Why does Rory get the magical wish fulfillment again?
  12. Haywood’s death by garden gnome.
  13. Nice to see Legends getting respect at the bureau of even if only after death
  14. Poor Gary as Charlie was almost ok he died in one reality
  15. To paraphrase Quantum Leap: John had to put wrong what once was right ( Des alive)
  16. Meeting Charlie is what kept Legends from being killers
  17. Mind is no longer split in two but heart is. Poor John
  18. Rory and Ava bonding over snickerdoodles and novel
  19. Finally left with reveal Des is the one behind Hank and is possessed by Neron on earth

Well I wish I had a jump ship as the next episode isn’t until April?!?
Hope to hear your comments and until next time, remain legendary!


Next episode is in April?!?!?

It was complete shit in my opinion! Hoping Crisis does a huge shakeup to the show

Puppets of Tomorrow was hilarious. I would definitely watch a show like that.

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I don’t think I like the direction this show has taken. Having recently watched the seasons that were available on Netflix, I think this season has been the weakest thus far.

Season 1 followed the mold of the early Arrow and Flash seasons. It was darker, somber, more serious, with flashes of humor here and there, but never a whole lot of it. Season 2 added a bit more comedy to balance the darker aspects of the show and in my opinion is the strongest season thus far in terms of story-telling. Season 3 leaned further into comedy and while not as good as Season 2 was still pretty tolerable up until that last episode. This season is leaning ALL the way into camp and crazy humor, which I guess has become it’s ‘thing’, but for me it’s too much. I don’t feel like there are any real stakes in this show anymore because it takes absolutely nothing seriously anymore. It exists to be the “funny” Arrowverse show now for better or for worse.


#4. Breaking the fourth wall with the audience about the crossover was the best part to me. I love Legends, but even for me, this episode really pushed the “crazy” limits. I hope they bring it down a notch, but even if they don’t, I’m still watching it.

I’m looking forward to getting back to that crazy storyline with Mona and her crush.


WTF did they do to legends

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This season has had full of nails to the coffin for the show to me and this latest episode was one huge one packed together

I will admit this season has not been the best, but it still makes me laugh.
I enjoyed it for the campiness it is. Not all jokes hit but when they do I laugh hard.
Sometimes I need a little silliness during the week when the real world can be so hard.
If only they could travel to the sixties and have to meet Adam West and Butt Ward, I think the campiness would explode.


For me, the first eight episodes of this season (including the bonkers Winter Finale) are some of the best DC TV ever.