Legends of Tomorrow: A Woman's Place Is In the War Effort! (Spoilers)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving on the Legendary Island of Misfits! It’s time to return to our favorite dysfunctional family and gather around the table to say what we are grateful for: another great Legends episode!

  1. They must be getting a great deal on forest sets to “land” the time machine there everytime.
  2. Speaking of time machines, anyone else get phone booth vibes with the electricity crackling off of it after landing?
  3. Operation Blind Man’s Bluff: playing a game of Marco Polo to distract them from the area and then disappear into a magic door. Is that in the Time Bureau manual?
  4. “Please, no more toilets.” The bathroom looks much bigger on the inside.
  5. “Evil Virus Gideon” “I prefer misunderstood Gideon, who is looking to maintain the timeline.” We do need a name for this Gideon. Maybe Time-Warped Gideon?
  6. “Who’s John?” Love the metaness of Matt Ryan, as Gwyn, asking who is John.
  7. It is typical for the Legends to just stumble into what they need, an airplane manufacturing plant , indeed.
  8. “I’ve got to clean, get that tea you like, tell the ancestors.” SO much to do, it’s like getting ready for the holidays.
  9. Is there a traffic report for the commute to and from the totem for Nate to follow?
  10. Hey, it’s Randall Disher from Monk!
  11. “I can process over a million words a minute.” Beats anyone else in the secretarial pool.
  12. Legends trapped in time periods for episodes really allows them to address racism and sexism in a way that they glossed over before. Very well done.
  13. Major I Love Lucy and the chocolate vibes with the bolts and washers; Ava even hides some in her mouth, she makes a great Lucy.
  14. “With that attitude, we can make it your last day.” Astra does not have people skills (yet) on her resume.
  15. “I hate you.” “I hate you, too.” Awww Spooner and Astra, so cute.
  16. You mean there was a war after the war to end all wars?!?
  17. “I missed you.” Zari lovingly says to her phone.
  18. 400-year-old Uncle Arjomand, there is always one relative that is the gate keeper to being accepted into the family.
  19. Ta-arof: Iranian custom of hospitality. This show leans into its diversity and it still feels organic.
  20. Secret workshop where the machines that are broken are taken and fixed in secret by the janitorial staff. Convenient to the story yes, but also cool like the untold story of the factories.
  21. “It’s like a performance, but where you are both the actor and the audience.”
  22. With one stamp, could make multiple ones using the injection molder. “What’s the worst that could happen?” You are a Legend now, Astra. You should know better.
  23. “Creepy John Travolta vibe.” I liked him in Phenomenon, makes me cry everytime.
  24. 2040s phone, so retro.
  25. Pastry smash: glad to see games have not evolved too much in the next 20 years or so.
  26. “Bishop’s my teaching moment.” Time for a new lesson.
  27. “100% human, 100% computer, confusing mathematically, accurate metaphorically.” Great to see Gideon embrace both sides because a computer would have stopped at one or made sure they totalled 100%.
  28. Really, the factory owner’s name is Mr Staples? Yeah, he’s got that.
  29. To run the factory more efficiently, we need to listen to the workers. Hear that, boss?
  30. “We can do better than efficient.” Astra bringing integration to the factory.
  31. Of course, it means half the workforce quits.
  32. “We are all just branches on a tree. Some below us, some yet to come.” I really like this wisdom.
  33. “Slow and steady progress, then sustainable progress.” versus “You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and call it progress.” Maybe there is a compromise between.
  34. “You take care of the plan, I will make sure you keep the jobs.” And Astra holds to her promise.
  35. Love the use of the old song Rosie the Riveter while they work on the plane. Really captures the time period.
  36. “From my point of view, I see a woman not afraid to speak her mind, who not only fights for herself but fights for others. My life would be a lot easier if I was a little more Astra.” Behrad is becoming one of my favorite characters with his kind nature.
  37. “Has he been there the whole time?” Yeah it is creepy.
  38. “Stand up to him, what’s the worst that could happen? He’s already tried invading the Earth with a scourge of lizard people.” True, it’s not like it could get worse.
  39. Anyone else get that brief moment between Astra and Behrad? I enjoyed their talk, but it has to be Spooner for me.
  40. “Not because some boring white man allowed you to, but because you always knew you could.” Astra rallying the troops as the music rises.
  41. Behrad can make donuts? UM, this might cut Gary out as Nate’s donut connection.
  42. With the Speak-n-spell, did anyone else get ET vibes when Bishop revealed his navigational interface for the time machine?
  43. Bishop: “Not good with human relationships. Might explain my fascination with clones.” Wouldn’t be the first scientist who did not know how to relate.
  44. “Out of respect to my phone, no.” Zari still tied to her devices.
  45. Eleanor Roosevelt and Time Magazine? They kinda backed you into a corner Mr Staples, didn’t they?
  46. “A good guest can make a good host.” Ties in with the work Nate was doing with Bishop.
  47. Integrated workforce and fine American craftsmanship. And Mr Staples had doubts it would be up to the military’s standard…
  48. “Aren’t we lucky ladies to have such intelligent men in our lives.” Wink, wink. Ah, Eleanor…
  49. Forget the fact that they moved the integration timeline up by two years, wouldn’t the Legends being in a picture in 1943 be a big clue to Time-Warped Gideon that they were there? Surely she is running facial recognition through time?
  50. “Is that your serious voice or your making fun of me voice?” Astra you are one of them now.
  51. “That shirt really brings out Gary’s eyes and those pants accentuate his butt.” Wow, it really does read Gideon’s thoughts!
  52. “There’s no shame in the game.” LOL
  53. “Now I understand why humans keep secrets.” It is Gideon’s teachable moment.
  54. “That Bishop guy’s an odd duck, smart though, definitely Legends material.” Exactly, too bad it does not last long…
  55. “Speaking of odd ducks, when were you guys gonna mention that our new roomie is like a beard-o version of John?” “I don’t see it, he’s more of a Rip.” I laughed out so hard on this one, of course Zari 2.0 would recognize him and she has not been seen in a while.
  56. Nate’s learning, he rejected three times before accepting.
  57. “He didn’t make it easy for you before.” True, maybe Mr Staples will learn from this as long as they keep getting contracts.
  58. UM, isn’t having a factory be integrated at a time when it was not widespread a red flag for Time-Warp…oh, nevermind,
    59 “She’s here.” Poltergeist vibes.
  59. “They could have parked closer.” You try flying a time machine at least they stayed in 1943.
  60. I love the military thinking of Spooner in figuring out how many shooters there would be .
  61. Bishop seemed to enjoy shooting the bad guys a little much, not that it was not appreciated.
  62. IN the span of an episode or two, they actually mad me care and like Bishop enough to be upset they killed him off. Sacrificing himself to save the Legends goes a long way.
  63. Evil Legends in support of TIme-Warped Gideon. The fact that they need to go to med bay seems to be an upgrade over the robots before. Ooooh Mirror Universe.
  64. Never realized it before until I stayed through the credits, but at the end there is a WB logo that is in the temporal zone that the Waverider flies by. Cool.
    With that, they leave us on a cliffhanger with a team of evil Legends hunting the good Legends and possibly the Legends returning home. Just do not forget the long IOU list they need to fix the timeline such that Time-Warped Gideon just does not replace everyone with robots. Have a great holiday and I will see you on the flipside in 2022 when the Legends return. Until then, stay Legendary!
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