Leaving the DCU

I pre-ordered DCU back in the summer of 2018 and have sincerely enjoyed the service since it’s launch. It’s been incredible to experience the DCU evolve into the community it is, and develop it’s comicbook selection, TV series’ and of course the DCU family. I’ve been a fan of comicbooks for quite some time now, but I’ve never been a member of a comicbook community (don’t really know anyone that reads comicbooks,like, at all), so, being able to regularly engage with fellow comicbook nerds/geeks/lifeforms, has been an unexpected pleasure. Although, I wouldn’t say I’ve been super active in the community, I’m definitely significantly more active than I had ever expected to be and have loved being able to communicate with you all.
Unfortunately, I recently found out that I will not be renewing my subscription. That being said, I’m making this post really just to express my thanks to, not only DC Comics for creating a platform where I was able to connect with so many lovely people, but also to say thank you to all the members of the DCU for your kindness and generosity. It’s been (should I say it? I’m gonna say it:) schway.
Lastly, since the renewal date is upon us, I wanted to go ahead and wish everyone an incredible holiday, new year/decade, and (if you’re a December-born, like myself) a very happy birthday!

Bye everyone/later everyone!



I wish you well and happy holidays/birthday.

Just an FYI, you can still use the Community section even if you don’t renew your subscription. As long as you’re logged in, I’m pretty sure you can keep up with all of the goings-on. Don’t be a stranger :smiley:


@nu52 I was totally unaware of this! Do you happen to know what functions are lost once you unsubscribe? Also, thank you, I really appreciate you providing that information, lol. (I had assumed that the account would be shut down once a subscription was ended).

If you unsubscribe, you still have access to the community and news features, but lose access to all video and comic content. You may still be able to watch DC Daily; I’m unsure.

EDIT: Confirmed, DC Daily is still watchable without a subscription.

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Yeah, no worries!

As far as I know you don’t lose any functionality on the Community side. You can still post and read just as before. You just won’t have access to the video and comic content as well as the shop. Like Hub said, you can still keep up with DC Daily and the news as well as the community :smiley:

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Thats good to know you canstay in the community even after unsubscribing…not that i plan on doing that anytime soon


It’s understandable, you can still post here after your subscription is over, :slightly_smiling_face:

You just can’t get into the Iceberg Lounge since that’s member only.

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