Latest Batwoman

First off spoilers!
Enter at your own risk.

Just saw the newest ep of Batwoman and was curious from the fans that enjoy the show, what their thoughts were. The first scene with Alice and Kate had me hurting, and I think this was the most interesting tv version use of ptsd that I’ve seen.


I’m absolutely loving Alice. She was mysterious and cryptic in the comics, but they Rachel Skarsten really made the character 3 dimensional and full rounded in crazy. Her back story really creeps me out and I’m looking forward to her role in the Religion of Crime.

I also appreciate the lgbt :rainbow_flag: storylines. For a story based on an out lesbian, the show has found novel ways of showing the coming out stories and trials face by various member of the community. Sophia’s coming out and the cell phone hacker story arcs both made me cry.

Thanks for starting this thread! I love me some batwoman!