Late to the Party - Watching Arrowverse in Order (spoilers hidden)

I did not watch any of the Arrowverse shows when they came out but I’m going back and watching them in order now and I gotta say - being the only one of my friends that loves DC has its perks as I was able to avoid all spoilers and as a result this has been a blast!

I’m still early in the process - of the 601 episodes that have aired so far I’ve seen 103 of them. I haven’t even gotten to Supergirl, Black Lightning or Legends of Tomorrow yet (though I did watch season one of Legends of Tomorrow when it came out because, well, Hawkman and Hawkgirl) and Batwoman or Superman & Lois? HA! See you in a few months/years.

But as I said, spoiler-free I’m loving the twists and characters. Seeing Grodd in The Flash was so fun and I thought he was well done. Having just watched the episode of Arrow where Oliver marries Nyssa al Ghul and leaves his friends to die…I can’t wait to see how that turns out. But my favorite moment of that series was seeing the appearance of Katana! I love that character and loved seeing her break out the sword and kick some ass.

It’s been a lot of fun so far and I know there are a LOT more goodies and easter eggs awaiting me. Just hearing things like “If you want to join us be at Ferris Air tomorrow morning” from Malcolm Merlyn are so rewarding as a DC fan and make the show so much more fun.

Can’t wait to get my Mother Box so that I can have a Big Belly Burger and wash it down with an cold brew latte from Jitters while I watch The Flash.

Episode 103 - having Leonard Snart play ‘Cold As Ice’ on the jukebox when he talks with Barry Allen in the bar was such a nice touch.

I’m currently catching up as well.
Currently on:

Black Lightning Season 3
Supergirl Season 3
Arrow Season 6
Legends of Tomorrow Season 3
Flash Season 4 (But I dropped it because it’s the only one I just straight up don’t like)
Caught up with Batwoman
Caught up with Stargirl
Starting Superman and Lois tomorrow

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