📺 Late Night Watch Along with Swamp Thing, Saturday night 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific 📺


This week we will be watching season 1 episodes 19-21, “The Hunt,” “Touch of Death,” and “Tremors of the Heart.”

Remember, for the best experience possible:

  1. watch on one device, type on another
  2. I try to give a warning when it’s time to start
  3. the more the merrier
  4. play the first ad and pause at the start of the episode, we start with the actual show at 11pm
  5. no skipping after we start, just let the episodes flow automatically, ads and all

We are watching on Tubi, a free service that is ad supported. At times, we have to pause because the ads don’t always synch up, but we try to stay with each other as best as possible. If you have any questions, drop a note here or send me a private message, I’ll do my best to answer.

:00_swamp_thing: :st_swamp_thing2: :st_swamp_thing: :00_swamp_thing:

Just noticed I had inserted the wrong time. Please take note we will start at 11pm. Sorry about any confusion this might have caused.

I’m fading fast here guys, hope I’ll be able to make it. Started with a sore throat 2 nights ago. I slept a few hours today and an hour later I checked my temp, 100.3. I get really sleepy when I have a fever. Just checked and I’m now up to 101. Hopefully I can knock it out with some ibuprofen. Hope to see everyone, but wanted to let you all know in case.

For those who need the link:

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Ibuprofen is working, 3 minutes to go…

On your marks…

Get set after the first ad

Hit play now!!!

It’s the spooky night time walk on the pier?

How long before the rest of the cast gets shipped off in a crate?

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We kepp Will for the rest of the series, still WAY better than Jim…

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What a loving father-son dynamic here

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a little late and a little behind, but i made it!

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Happy to have you!!!

Scallop musk orchid?

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I think i can fast forward to catch up. so long as it is not an ad.

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Ah, scallop MOSS orchid, so much better…

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Phosphate tonic? Is she trying to make the plant glow?

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“I’m doing some repairs on the boat. I’m also removing our son’s name from it.”

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The rest of the episode is the two of them kissing each other harder and harder.

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