📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target episode 8 of Season 2, 17 October, 9:30pm Pacific, 12;30am Eastern 📺


What a cliffhanger last week!!! Did Ilsa and Chance survive? Only one way to find out, same Chance time, same Chance channel…

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Because of the station i’ll be working this week, I will have to decline the request to work this Saturday. such a pity…

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So close you can taste it. And speaking of taste, get your snacks ready. Also, get a nap if you need it. Hope to see everyone tonight!!!

eight hours, forty-three minutes.

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three hours, forty-five minutes

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Just over an hour and a half…

Bannered for you! I hope you all enjoy Human Target! :smiley:

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Til death do us part

Like you alway’s say! Up for it?

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less than 30 minutes!

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i believe it’s episode 8.

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Good catch, fixed it

2 minutes

1 minute

Annnddddd GOOOOOO

Explosion inside the plane before tge explosion outside the plane

For Chance, I think the easier question is why wouldn’t they fire a missile at us…

It’s Chuck’s AssMan…

the missile was that angry enforcer, the interior explosion is the real drama…

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At least the plane went down and it wasn’t the cheat cliffhanger that Annie railed against…

actually, i missed most of the plane drama. i had to step away. at least i am in sync and otherwise present

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