Last Knight On Earth Questions

I’m re-reading it for a second time and one part of the story confuses me. Can anyone please explain the red, green, captain atom scene?

Are those monsters from the red or the rot?

Isn’t animal man the avatar of the red can he create monsters?

We’re they monsters just people affected by the radiation of captain atom?

Whose bones are they after, captain atoms (I would assume doesn’t have bones ) or animal man?

Which avatars mind was left adrift? Was it swamp thing?

Is swamp thing attacking the soldiers or the mutated monsters?

Such a small part of the story but it raised a ton of questions for me. If any one fully comprehended the scene please explain to me what’s going on.

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Can anyone answer this please? There’s an entire community here of people who should be able to help.

My understanding is that they’re tapping into the red. They’re referred to as ‘Animal Men’.

No, he only taps into the Red. Think of it like the speed force, except for characters like Vixen, Animal Man, and B’Wana Beast. He can’t create monsters.

Maybe a little? That isn’t entirely clear- they do reference that Captain Atom is dead, and that these creatures want control of his radioactive bones, while the soldiers guarding those bones want to ‘burn them and take the red from their corpses’.

Captain Atom. The ‘radioactive bones of a murdered superhero’.

Animal Man. In the scene where they reference that, we see one of the Animal Men biting the Unknown Soldier.

Hard to say, but I would guess the soldiers. One seems to be pointing a gun at him, while the one in the foreground seems to be fleeing him.

@TheTerribleToyman appreciate your response!

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