LAST CHANCE WATCH-ALONG, 12/29 9:00 PM EST: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

2020 will bring big changes to the DC Universe library, which means it’s time to say farewell to some of our favorite DC movies. Join me for a five night event from December 26th to December 30th every night at 9:00 PM EST for another chance to bid goodbye to a classic DCU film.

Tonight: Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker! It’s the second-best Timm/Dini DCAU movie, and by DCAU standards that’s pretty darn good!

For those who have never participated before, here are the rules:

  1. Make sure you have a DC Universe subscription!
  2. For best results, cue up DC Universe on two devices: one for watching, and one for commenting on this thread!
  3. To ensure you’re synced with the other viewers, make sure you start your video EXACTLY at 9:00 PM EST!
  4. If you lose your place, pay attention to the clock. For instance, if it’s 9:15, that means we’re exactly 15 minutes into the movie!
  5. Because these movies will be delisted soon, they may not appear in the regular spaces. If you can’t find it, search for it manually!

And as always, as long as at least one of you RSVPs, I’ll be here to host the affair! I hope to see you there!


I hope to make it for this one! I’m sorry to see it go!:frowning:

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I plan to view with all of you.

Hey, @AntLeon this is kind of what you were thinking, can you join?

@Don-El If you mean my short notice last chance watchalong for this Sat & Sun (21st & 22nd, respectively), then yes.

I plan on participating in this watchalong in particular.

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I like the TT/ JL of yours. Are you working though Sunday afternoon? @AntLeon

11.5 hours

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The picture that @HubCityQuestion posted, reminds me of this picture! :batman_hv_1: :joker_hv_1:

Some things never change. :slightly_smiling_face::popcorn::tv:


2 more hours to go! :slightly_smiling_face::popcorn::tv:

34 more minutes to go! :grinning::popcorn::tv:

26 tick tick

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James Tynion IV recently said that when he writes The Joker, he pictures him with Mark Hamill’s voice – but specifically the more sinister flair he uses in this exact movie. I’ll be listening for that.


I remember doing the watch along for this movie, Applejack, JLWWSM and Vroom was there and we had a great time watching it. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you get a big turn out for tonight watch along Question!

Man, I’m just anticipating this run even more now!

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less than eight (8) minutes

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I know she’s pretty busy, but boy, I’d like to do a watchalong with @Applejack someday.


Almost feel weird to not be the host of doing watch along, glad you’re doing the last chance watch along Question, hope you do it every month when DC plans on removing the movies!:slightly_smiling_face::popcorn::tv::penguin:

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Yes, this has been the tradition for several months now! I pop these up to say goodbye.