Large Numbers of Annuals Are Missing

It could also be that it’s just very hard to figure out how DCUI classifies annuals. When you search, let’s say for a Batman annual, you’re liable to see a result that says “Batman Annual (1961-) #28.” But if you want to see more issues from that series, it will instead take you to the entire run of Batman (1940-2011). So already that’s pretty unwieldy, but on top of that, there are only a few annuals even available there. I understand the title isn’t completely digitized yet and a lot of the annuals were all or mostly reprints, but more recent annuals were often showcases for really good self-contained stories, or they were used for fun, off-beat demi-crossover events. It’s kind of weird that the entire “Planet DC” event appears to be missing, for instance. As is “Bloodlines,” the luridly insane 1993 annual event that introduced Hitman (and a couple dozen hilariously 1990s heroes like Gunfire.) It seems somehow wrong to have J.T. Krul’s 2016 reimagining of Bloodlines up on here without the original.

Anyway, just want to raise awareness that this site/app is skipping a lot of really good comics, and a lot of really wacky fun comics, from the last 40 years by not uploading the annuals.

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I agree that a lot of Annuals are missing, but several of the Bloodlines annuals are in the respective series collections. In fact Action Comics Annual 5 is one of the few available for that series (the 1938 series). I don’t know how many are on DCUI, but I do know the Legion of Super-Heroes one is. It would be nice to maybe group theme annuals together.

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Thanks for the feedback @jonathankaufmannathan.9034 & @idle453.87595! I’ve noted your input. :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, if you have any requests for any specific annuals to be added to DCUI, feel free to drop them in our Print To Digital Request Thread. We also have a DCUI platform experience thread here if you have any other input/feature requests you’d like to see on the reading platform itself.

We appreciate your help!

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