Lady Shiva vs. Deathstroke

I have a friend who’s a die hard Deathstroke fan. Says he can beat anyone. I brought up Lady shiva and he quickly dismissed her. I feel like she’s a beast and will destroy anyone in the DC universe in hand to hand combat. What are your thoughts?

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To dismiss Lady Shiva is to be defeated by Lady Shiva. End of story.


I beat her in Batman arkham origins ! ^^" So no… she can’t beat anyone xD

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In a fair fight, no human on Earth can beat Shiva.

The thing about Deathstroke, though, is that he has no interest in fighting fair.

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Let’s take a look: :thinking::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Deathstroke has defeated Batman and Nightwing at the same time. That’s not only insanely impressive, but nearly impossible.

  • Lady Shiva has also defeated Batman. Her hand to hand combat is rivaled by few.

  • Deathstroke can use 90% of his brain. However, this was based on the myth that humans in real life only use close to 11% of their brain. While I believe that most, if not all, of a human’s brain is always active, I strongly believe that not all of it is actually being used. I’m no neurosurgeon or scientist, but they’d have a better understanding of this topic.

  • Lady Shiva has no superpowers.

  • Deathstroke has superhuman speed and strength.

  • Lady Shiva knows about 6 deadly different styles of martial arts and Batman even admitted she may be the deadliest martial artist on the planet.

  • Deathstroke is a master tactician always 20 steps ahead who even Batman views as one of the few real threats.

  • Lady Shiva anticipates her opponents next move and counters it turning the tide of a fight at any given moment of her choosing.

  • Deathstroke has been defeated by Batman and even the Titans.

  • Lady Shiva has been defeated by Batman and even her daughter, Cassandra Cain.

  • Deathstroke is the mutha-fuckin terminator.

  • Lady Shiva is the baddest bitch on the planet.

Verdict: Make love, not war. These two should get married and have a baby, not be battling to the death. If, however, they did bare child and battled to see whose turn it was to…let’s say…get the milk? The battle would last so long, that baby would probably Bwuce Wee both his parents and get the damn milk his/herself. Babies need their milk…that’s for damn sure.




You defeated both of them in AO as Batman…who was defeated by both of them in comics. Yes, they could pretty much beat anyone.

both his/her parents**

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Deathstroke’s an overrated dork! His son has dumb hair! His only friend is a chewing gum flavor! He’s half orange! Sword or gun, pick one, dork!

In conclusion, Shiva.

Very few people can beat Shiva in hand-to-hand barring unexpected circumstances (possible exceptions, depending on the circumstances: Cassandra Cain, Richard Dragon, Ben Turner), but Deathstroke is a metahuman who doesn’t always fight hand-to-hand. Shiva could probably take him out with some effort if she got the drop on him, and he could probably win if he could attack from a distance first, but it’s not guaranteed either way, and it’s a reasonably even matchup. If it happened in a story, I wouldn’t really find either outcome unreasonable unless it were written as a total curbstomp.

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Lady Shiva is in the top 10 hand to hand fighters DC has to offer. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. She trained some of the best and even Batman has said that he doesn’t want to fight her because she is so good. However, she doesn’t rank above Deathstroke for me. Deathstroke is so much more than a master at hand to hand combat. He’s a strategist, combatant, marksman, mercenary and he can think 9x faster than the average man plus has a degree of super strength and he has a healing factor to boot. I think that Deathstroke would win if he had a little prep time.

Hand to hand it would be a tough match, but Deathstroke’s goal is to get the job done, no matter the cost. If Shiva got in his way or was his target, he’d use any means he had to beat her. He wouldn’t just draw his sword, approach and then we’d have a Kill Bill-esque sword fight on our hands. He’d pick her off from afar with a sniper rifle, rig the area they fought in with bombs, poison his blades, use one of his guns mid-fight. Bottom line, Deathstroke will do whatever it takes to win, so realistically I’d give the edge to Deathstroke.

I mean, strictly hand to hand with absolutely no weapons, armor, enhancements, etc. Shiva would win in my opinion. However, if it was a random encounter and they had full knowledge of each other and all their weapons and abilities, I’d definitely give it to Deathstroke. Deathstroke hangs with Bronze Tiger in hand to hand, which is insanely impressive, and was considered the best tactician in the world, even over Batman (who he coincidentally also beats to a pulp nearly every time they meet). Overall, my final assessment would be Shiva 7/10 over Deathstroke without anything to help them, and Deathstroke 7/10 over Shiva with all their gear.

Shiva wins in a straight up hand to hand fight…but Deathstroke would shoot her before she got close.

I think Shiva wins this. I think she is number w in my fighter rankings. Karate Kid is 1.

Number 2. It should ve read. My bad.