Lady Shiva is . . . .

Lady Shiva is EXTRA THICC!!!

Seriously, this show has some of the sexiest versions of DCs women, its awesome!!!

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Lady Shiva is, a punk rocker. Shiva is, a punk rocker Shiva is, a punk rocker now!
Ramones song sheena is a punk rocker hahahaha

I’m all about Lady Shiva. One of my favorite figures I own, there’s not many. Just read all the Birds of Prey comics. She’s a standout in those. I was so excited to see her in YJ. Just 1 of the bountiful characters in this show that I love. If u haven’t read Birds of Prey, I’d highly recommend it if u like Shiva. She comes in later in the run on this site. Switches places with Black Canary, wears Canaries outfit, & fights with the BOP. In turn, Canary gets raised the way Shiva was brought up, to train & learn her fighting styles. Excellent read for Shiva fans on this site.