lack of movie and tv content

Batman tv shows animated live action Batman serials lrgion of superheroes tv. Why not do a live action… i find i am paying for half of what you promised

A director cut of Batman V Superman is finally announced. I hope to see a DVD or a local screening

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For the 100th time, the reason some films and shows aren’t on is due to contractual and licensing issues. Prior to DC Universe premiering, networks paid for exclusive use of programs and films. Networks like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, etc. all signed deals to use specific programs and films at certain times. Once those deals are complete, we will probably see these things more permanently on DCU.
Some shows (like the Arrowverse and Gotham) are contracted to those Networks and then deals were made with Netflix to show reruns. Again, when those deals are done, they will probably be seen on DCU.
And then there is the issue with properties not made by WB, like Batman 66. Deals will have to be made with those studios to get those properties on the network.

Also, at NO TIME DID DCU PROMISE THAT ALL DC CONTENT WOULD BE AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME. That was an assumption made by customers.

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There has been a director’s cut of BvS for years. It’s called the ultimate cut and runs over 3 hrs.