I’m surprised nobody else has created a thread for Krypton yet, so here we go.

With Season 2 right around the corner, I decided to do a rewatch of Season 1 in preparation, and I have to say that what David Goyer and Cameron Welsh created is, IMO, one of the best comic book shows - and general Sci-fi shows - ever, with a phenomenal cast, stellar worldbuilding that leans on the familiar but then twists things to create something completely new, and a production aesthetic that rivals feature films in its beauty and execution.

To generate some discussion from others, here’s a short survey about the show:

  • Favorite Character(s)?
  • Favorite Episode(s)?
  • Most surprising element of the series?
  • Least Favorite Character(s)?
  • Least Favorite Episode(s)?

I am rewatching the show with DC Daily, but other people may not have seen it yet. Also, it may be better to add a spoiler tag every five or so comments in case people miss it. But, I really like the show and wish it had more than ten episodes.

Not sure who would be up for it, but those interested can discuss the episodes that have been covered from DC Daily.

The most surprising element for me has to be Zod. Colin Salmon is AMAZING as Zod! Throughout the season you’re not quite sure where he stands, but when the finale rolls around and he makes that speech, I had chills. I wasn’t expecting to see Zod in the series but he stole the show in the best way possible.


Bringing this back now that DC Daily has discussed the season finale.