Krypton is officially canceled... #DCUSaveKrypton

Krypton has officially been canceled at sci-fi after 2 Seasons this will also include the spin-off series Lobo which has now been canceled as well. In my opinion this is a great opportunity for DC Universe to gain more subscribers. #DCUSaveKrypton


Save Krypton DCU please!!!



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Great show


Cant say as I’m surprised, SyFy did the exact same thing to The Expanse last year. Hopefully it has the same happy fate as The Expanse, and DCU saves it and Lobo too.

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I think it fits best here


Krypton is a great show! I honestly think it’s superior to any of the CW shows! Come on DC Universe this is a chance for you guys to score a win after cancelling Swamp Thing. Save Krypton and Lobo pick them up and put them on the service!


It’d be funny if DC Universe picked it up and Syfy picked up Swamp Thing.

From what I just read sounds like they are shopping around Lobo, not Krypton. Maybe fans would do better to try and convince DCU they should carry Lobo.

It is trending … so fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

@DantheMan1, where are you getting these reports that only Lobo is being shopped around?

Everything that I’ve found ways that Warner Horizon is trying to find a new partner network for both shows, not just the spinoff, and, honestly, of the two, Krypton has a better shot because it’s already got critical acclaim and can suplort.

At the time I googled and the first two articles I saw said that. Although I checked now and you are right most are saying that, guess I didn’t read enough.

was where I first read that, there was another somewhere. But you are right, I checked and more reliable ones are saying Krypton is so I was misinformed.