Krypto Will (Likely) Be in "Superman: Legacy"

James Gunn let is slip that Krypto the Superdog will be in his Superman movie. Granted, he only just turned in the first draft so it is possible this might not actually happen. But considering Gunn’s love for characters that don’t get as much attention or love as they should, I think it’s a safe bet to say Krypto will show up. I might not be a longtime Superman reader or expert, but I was a fan of the animated show as a kid.

Can’t wait for one of the best boys to show up on the big screen!


I saw this earlier today! I was already very excited for this movie, and just the possibility of this happening increased that exponentially. :ttns_gif_krypto:


Eh, why not Streaky instead? I’m still calling bias and b/s that he didn’t make it into Super Pets! Paid off by the Dog Lobbying Agenda!


Curious if Krypto will be a dog simply named that and nothing more, or if its the full-blown, super-powered dog as seen below:

Good boy! Who wants a milk biscuit and walkies?


not really investing in any cinematic universe but I do look forward to seeing our good boy on the big screen.


I imagine Krypto being the comedic relief of Legacy. I’m pretty excited to see what Gunn will do


Super excited to see Krypto on the big screen! Only the best for the goodest boy in the universe. :dog2:


Same, I am sick and tired of cinematic universe(s). I just want a good film.


cheers to that!

Oh sorry Krypto boy, here’s a bone.

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I was highly disappointed with League of Super Pets, primarily due to the plot contrivances being truly imbecilic even for toon physics fundamentals where we have not merely super-powered dogs, but talking dogs (or talking animals) as well. It wasn’t merely not including Streaky, but creating an entire collection of unnecessary OCs. It’s not as if the writers were Michael Brian Bendis and were hoping to score a cinematic deal from inserting their unnecessary OCs in to the plot, this already was a movie deal!, but they weren’t going to enrich themselves personally from it either. DC has a great collection of super animals to use and WB needs to start using what they already have versus trying so hard, is such clearly unsuccessful and needless ways, to reinvent the universe. It just shows laziness on the part of the writers as well.

Sure, and understandable that they wanted to use a pet shop or a pet shelter, something they felt was obvious or logical, but again, talking dog that flies so logic needn’t be a factor, and wanted to have animals that matched with the JL membership, but a zoo is right there, versus needing a pig for Diana, they could have used a kangaroo, plus Toppo or some other aquatic friend for Arthur.

Some of the JL members do not have animal in their canon history, so you would have needed a few OCs but you also easily insert a few easter eggs for say Detective Chimp or Comet for a future sequel and it was also not necessary for every animal on screen to have a connection to a super that was also on screen. Or for the JL team to be made up of the seven from the DCEU. It was all so very pointlessly especially when the movie, in comparison to something like Puss In Boots or a franchise like The Secret Life of Pets, did not succeed.

I haven’t see much of the third season and only one episode from this season, but at least S2 of Titans did a good job with Krypto.

I don’t think he needs to be the comedic relief, but even if Gunn did use him as that, I would be fine if Krypto was a form of the role (with even similarly his barks that someone else can understand and translate, like Rocket does), if Groot is a template for what Gunn might use Krypto with in any Superman triology.

krypto lick