Knightwatchers Club – Show Off Your Bat Cowl



Bat Cowl #81415

I’ve minted 3 cowls when they first launched the project but I wasn’t too happy with them. This was the first purchase off the secondary that I actually was proud of. I love the weathered look and how it looks like it’s been through some battles. I love how the patrol blue light effect looks against the black gloss vinyl and ice white brushed nickel.

Bat Cowl #85795

Red is my favorite color so of course I had to have a red cowl of some sort. I fell in love with the classic red tight weave. It feels so warm and cozy, sitting well on top of the black grip vinyl. The heliotrope light effect gives it that little extra something.

Bat Cowl #83806

This is my current discord pfp. You can probably tell I have a specific style I’m into. I chose this as my pfp due to the gray ghost background which contrasts well with the dark theme I have going with my discord.

Bat Cowl #87794

This is the current pfp for this community. The DC logo is blue and Jim Lee’s cowl is also blue so I chose this to represent myself to you all.

Bat Cowl #80758

This is my first 3 material cowl. I love how you can visually see the 3 materials as opposed to some cowls which say they have 3 but don’t actually show the third.

Bat Cowl #83720

The crown jewel of my collection. I love how the gold smudged chrome is laid against the whiteout matte vinyl. This cowl exudes luxury and one I would wear to a formal affair.


That looks awesome!!


Thanks! Now updated with a few more since I now have the permission to add more, lol

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Those are so cool!!!

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Thank you! Do you have any yourself? If so, show it off! :slight_smile:

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No I’m broke :rofl:

They’re cheaper these days… keep watching the Market Place, never know when one might be at a price you’re good with :slight_smile:

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