Knightfall Animation movie...

I would like a Batman Knightfall series… it would have to be long like Dark Knight Returns… but itd be well worth it… Bane is my favorite villian and he has got hardly any time on the animated movies… This could show his intelligence and tactical side… How quick he figured out Batman was Bruce Wayne… yet told no one…




Yes, please!

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Hell yeah! But please DC, Tim Drake. Dont you go shoe-horning Damian into this.

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Chances are, they’d do what the did with Death of Superman and just make it happen during their current post-Flashpoint-based continuity. They still do animated films detached from that, and this would be fine since it doesn’t involve the rest of the Justice League, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if they had Damien in lieu of Tim.

The way I see it, this could working as three movies.
Part 1: Establish Bane, his motivations, his skill, and it ends with him breaking Batman’s back. This is also the best chance to establish Azrael, have Batman meeting/working with him shown side-by-side with Bane’s origins.
Part 2: Batman entrusts the mantel to Jean-Paul Valley, since he wants Nightwing to be his own man. This would be kind of complicated if they wanted to incorporate Batwoman and Batwing, since they’d probably be insulted that Bats didn’t think enough of them to protect Gotham, or is egomaniacal enough that he doesn’t think those two can inspire the same fear in criminals. Anyway, Valley slowly goes nanners and upgrades to his armored suit, growing gradually more brutal, while Bruce finds a cure for his paralysis. Maybe leave out the metahuman doctor girlfriend, since that seemed like kind of a deus ex machina.
Part 3: Bruce is healed, hears about what his stand-in has been doing, and returns to Gotham to take back his mantel.

Part 2, if done right, could be a really interesting look at Jean-Paul’s decent in fanaticism, but I could also see them cutting that down to make the whole arc fit into two movies. Though I tend to think WB wouldn’t be opposed to making it three, since Batman is a money-maker, for one thing, and studios love them the word “trilogy”.

@Mr_Morbach A trilogy of films would be fitting since that’s how the story is broken up