Kinkade Studios and DC Comics - You know you want it

Looking for a detailed painting of your favorite DC characters in the tradition of Thomas Kinkade? Of course you are. You love the fine arts. Now you can have them with Kinkade Studios productions of Superman and Doomsday, a Gotham street scene and more. I can’t wait for this year’s family Christmas puzzle of the Joker menacing Robin with a crowbar.

No Christmas and no puzzle yet, but here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


I knew about the Thomas Kinkade Disney stuff, but I didn’t know they painted DC scenes too. I love that Gotham print and I hope they do one for the magical DC characters like Constantine and Zatanna.

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That painting is amazing and fantastic!!

Another one



Love it!

I’ve seen the Kinkade puzzles at Target. They’re neat but puzzles aren’t my jam.

The artwork is, like Kinkade’s other pieces, quite beautiful.

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Yes, I want! They’ve had these out for some time. Not sure why they’re only advertising them now. Was at a Thomas Kinkade store a few months ago and almost walked out with this beauty.


That is fantastic!
Every time I go to a Thomas Kinkade store I almost walk out with DC art.

The most difficult puzzle I’ve ever completed was a Kinkade puzzle, I was so proud of myself when I finished it :laughing:. I would love to do DC-themed puzzle from Kinkade.


Alright so I live under a rock and didn’t know about these DC pieces. I’ve seen his Disney art (my parents are huge Disney fans) and just realized these would make amazing gifts… and I want at least one in my house. His work is so intricate and really projects a mood. Amazing.

FYI, Thomas Kinkade passed away a while back. I believe these pieces are painted by Thomas Kinkade Studios artists, not the man himself. Still amazing art.

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We should move this thread to Collectors Corner, unless @msgtv objects of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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^ I didn’t realize that, I thought they were duplicates/prints of stuff he’s painted. Oh well, I still like it, lol.

The Studio artists produce new work using Kinkade’s signature art style.

Here’s one of the Justice League.


Beautiful… New 52 style. Maybe buy some of the cheaper prints and make a little mini album? If I start hanging these on the walls my wife will not be very happy with me :joy:

I love this puzzle. My wife and I put it together awhile back. I’d love to have more of this style.

Moro, move of course. Love it anytime a post takes a life of its own. Going on line now to see which of these are puzzles. Out family does a Christmas puzzle every year, lots of them being Kinkcades. So I 100% want a Kinkcade DC Christmas puzzle.

I actually have one of these! Bought it at SVCC.

Doing a puzzle always makes me feel like a genius, for a few minutes anyway


Hey, I thought these were Blend Cota! I love his work… I thought they were his… well anyway here’s one of his then.

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Here’s another one of Blend Cota’s.

Sorry it’s small.