Keith Giffen's the best

Since we’re talking creators, I feel the need to point out one of DC’s most unsung talents. Keith Giffen’s been delivering high quality, engaging plots for decades. Invasion! got me into DC. And at 11 year’s old, it never occurred to me that writing comics actually required a real person. I think I just assumed that they just appeared on the rack at the grocery store.
As the years went by, I started to take note of my favorite artists. The art was flashy and fun, but I still never noticed the writers.
One day, the cover of LoSH v4 #38 caught my eye; I bought it. (1993?)
I had no idea that this story in LoSH was a culmination of Invasion from five years earlier. I was blown away at the scope of the story.
Keith Giffen shoved the story in my face and let me know that writers are the true secret behind great comic books!
(And yeah, his art from the 5 Years Later arc is phenomenal. So, he’s got artist-chops too. )


I have several issues I need signed by Keith and I look really hard for a con he is at and never can find it!

Got to meet Keith at the Raleigh NC SuperCon a couple of months ago - super nice guy - no wait at his table - got some Ambush Bug signed.

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There was other Keith stuff I enjoyed but Losh 5YL is my favorite story of all time. Finally got to meet him at Motor City this year. What a treat!