Keith Giffen's Suicide Squad

I love Keith Giffen. He’s a fun wiseass of a talented writer and his name adorns a variety of quality DC entertainment in different mediums.

That said, his Suicide Squad mini-series that ran from 2001-2002 isn’t one of those quality items. So far, mind you.

I read #3 yesterday and I think that will be last issue. I feel Suicide Squad is a property that works when it’s more straight-laced and not jokey as this book has been so far.

Has anyone read this mini? Are issues 1-3 the weak links in the storytelling chain, and the subsequent issues blossom forth the Giffen standard of fun?

Curious to hear thoughts on this book.

I’m also curious as to why Killer Frost thought wearing a sports bra and exercise shorts in the field was a good idea. It really, really wasn’t a good idea. At all.


You should check out his 2016 run or Blue Beetle. It was awful. I put it last in my ranking of Rebirth titles. Everybody is way too quippy to the point of grating and the plot is a hot mess.

I haven’t read Suicide Squad yet, but I really had to muscle through the first 3 or 4 issues of his Doom Patrol run, and now I’m loving it.

@biff Funny you mention that as I liked his Doom Patrol from the get-go.

I’ll give The Giff Squad another chance and we’ll see where it goes.

I did like his inclusion of JLI villains in the first issue. That was fun.

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