Justice league

What is your favorite justice league, made up or real team?

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I’ll go with the original seven: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and The Martian Manhunter. And since he joined in issue #4, I’ve also got to add Green Arrow.

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The JLI bunch are pretty darn special to me. My other pick would mirror @baseballmaniac01.45870 's.

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Justice League Unlimited is probably my favorite overall, but Justice League International was one of the better ones in comics. The comedy angle was weird, but inspired.

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Any lineup from Morrison’s run on JLA. Closely followed by the team from New 52 Justice League.


Morrison,'s JLA

Brad Meltzer 's Justice League of America

Booster Gold , Blue Beetle, Martian Man hunter, Guy Gardner, Batman version, after Crisis of infinite Earths event, Blue Beerle, Shazam and Dr Fate were members who were originally from different earth’s. Black Canar,y, Mister Miracle and Captain Atom were initial members. Started Serious then added humor.
Batman knocking out Guy. Oreos liked by Martian Man hunter. Then lose members, gain Rocket Red, Fire, Ice becomes Justice League International.

I never got into Geoff Johns version.

Rebirth had the potential , with Old Superman and two new Green Lanterns added to the team, but it never went anywhere.

Scott Snyder version has best version of heroes, uses other heroes well, best villains but I don’t understood what is going on.


There’s also Justice League Detroit. Which is, believe it or not, pretty darn good and underrated if I say so myself. Aquaman made a great leader.

TurokSonOfStone1950, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t understand Scott Synder’s Justice League. I’ll admit it’s epic, but what is it building to?

I think there was a time when Guy Gardner was on the team Alone with Fire and Ice It might of been called justice league America I am not sure . Guy Gardner makes any team better.

It goes over my head too. Kinda like much of Morrisons run did.

The Keith Giffen era League will always be my favorite.