Justice League vs The Fatal Five

Anyone else absolutely LOVE the Justice League vs Fatal Five animated movie!? I’ve watched it 3 times and I like it more and more with each viewing! So nice to hear the voices of the Justice League Animated Series again! And I love seeing the Legion of Superheroes in their cameo appearances. Makes me want to see the Legion in a movie all their own. GL Jessica Cruz’s story is handled wonderfully and this also features my favorite take on Miss Martian. Star Boy is fantastic in this too! The whole thing is remincent of “The Lighting Saga” in the comics mixed with just enough New 52/DC Rebirth. Would love to see more movies like this come to DC Universe! :slight_smile:


Agreed! This movie was a real treat. I’d love to see more DCAU style projects like this.


It was a fun ride. It’s 4K coating was pretty nice too.

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Very enjoyable!

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I did enjoy it. I was an adult when the Justice League animated shows happened and didn’t watch a lot of episodes, so I don’t have the same connection some do to it. But it was cool doing a continuation with an adult twist. And it was very well written and well executed. Great animated movie, although while some of their animated films have been better than others, I have yet to see one I didn’t like.

The throwback animation made me love it instantly to be honest