Justice League of America (2006-2011) Discussion

What are your thoughts on Justice League of America (2006-2011)? Did you have a favorite issue throughout the series run? Did you have a favorite writer, artist, or otherwise person, who worked on the series?

One of issues that always stuck with me was issue #23. I found it incredibly fascinating how The Flash took us step-by-step, showcasing how fast he truly is. To add to that, he expands on how fast Superman is (spoiler: he’s really fast!) All in all, issue #23 was one of my favorites.

Also, can we talk about Ed Benes’ artwork on the series? Maybe I’m just nostalgic because Birds of Prey is my favorite series, but, man, I thoroughly enjoyed his run on this series, too.

Oh and I HAVE to mention issue #11, “Buried Alive.” This issue gave me goosebumps. I remember finishing it and just staring at the back cover. It was… bittersweet. Bitter because it was over, but sweet because it was a story that would stick with me for a long time. The guest artist was perfect for the issue as well.

I loved this series, especially the Meltzer and McDuffie runs. I read the whole shebang from start to finish as it came out. The Rise of Eclipso from '10 or '11 was a gem too.

As far as favorite issues, I don’t have any offhand. The covers for #9 are nifty though.


I loved Brad Meltzer’s all-too-brief run. It’s actually my favorite era of the League. The group felt like a family and you really got a sense that Meltzer’s has a deep reverence for the legacy of the team.

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