Justice league international - When??

Does anyone have an idea when the original justice league international is coming to the app.??


It’s on here, under it’s later name, Justice League of America (1987-)


I’ve never fully understood that era or Justice League. There was justice league, justice league international, justice league Europe, justice league extreme, justice league task force and I think I’m forgetting others all in the course of one decade with several of the teams overlapping. Never figured out a complete timeline or how they split off. Pretty sure I have an issue in late 80s where the entire league came together to face down the royal flush gang and then they split up into smaller teams, but I read it so long ago I don’t recall the context.

Justice League International got renamed to Justice League America and spun off Justice League Europe early on. Justice League Task Force and Extreme Justice came much later and replaced Europe. The original Giffen/DeMatteis runs of International, America, and Europe are quite good.

Like Awesome_Squid said: if you want the original series, look under Justice League of America (1987). It’s very misleading because “Justice League America” was the third title the series was published under (It was very briefly just called Justice League for its first seven issues) and there was never an “of” in the title. That was only the original 1960-1986 series and the 2006-2011 series that replaced JLA (and the weird Rebirth one that wasn’t the main League for maximum confusion).

As for the Royal Flush Gang, I’ve read most of the late '80s issues (I’ve been reading ten different series from that era and left off around November of '89) and only saw them in the first issue or two of Justice League '87.

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I looked it up. Justice League Spectacular in 1992. Description says it intros the new JLI and JLU teams and ties in to Justice League America. It does feature Royal Flush Gang as antagonists.

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