Justice League Dark Movie

With the cancellation of Swamp Thing, a lot of you fans out there have been asking for them to bring it back in on way or another. One of those ways is in a Justice League Dark movie. I personally think that thats a very good idea, so I’ve created this thread for anyone else who thinks it’s a good idea. If we get enough people on here we might DC might see it, and consider making it a DC Universe original or something. I’m curious to here what your ideas are.

The animated one is good, I would love to see a live-action one.

I’d love to see a JLD movie! I only have one request - please find a new John Constantine. I loved the Matt Ryan television show and his arcs on Arrow - but he’s getting a bit long in the tooth and the makeup work for his role in Legends has been spotty at best. I’m glad he portrayed him and I had fun watching him - but it’s probably time for some new blood…