Justice League Book Club Week 4: The Wonder of Justice

  • Have you read any volume of Young Justice before, be it this one, the series based on the TV show or the original series penned by Peter David?

I’ve read the first couple of issues of this when it was first coming on DCU but fell off on it. I’ve read all the comics based on the animated series and I’ve read the first trade’s worth of the Peter David run.

  • From this initial arc, who was your favorite character?

Hmm…I think I would go with Jenny Hex. I think she worked well as a character to introduce people to the world and concepts the story is set around and has a good everywoman balance to the team.

  • Was there anything from these issues that you’d like to see make a transition into animation via future seasons of the Young Justice TV show?

Well, something set in Gemworld could be cool.

  • Have you read any other titles in the Wonder Comics imprint and if so, what’d you think of them in comparison to Young Justice?

I read all of Naomi and I honestly liked that more than I did YJ, which was pretty and had some good moments, but I kind of felt like the plot was all over the place, disjointed and too decompressed. While Naomi is from the same writer, I think the tighter scope of that story made it easier to deal with.

I also read a couple issues of Wonder Twins. Plan to read more of it eventually because, y’know, Mark Russell can hardly do no wrong.


Absolutely agree. From Prez to The Flintstones and beyond, he’s a swell writer.

  1. I’ve read all the various Young Justice comics before this series.

  2. Tim, Kon and Bart have been my favorites right from the start, no different here.

  3. Younger Justice? They’ve got so many characters already. I could see Naomi, Teen Lantern, Jinny and Amethyst come in at the end with Damian and Jon as a tease for season five.

  4. Wonder Twins was my pick of the litter for the Wonder Comics line. Dial H was very good as well. Young Justice was kind of all over the place, but had some great moments. My guess is Bendis had to change his plans on at least two occasions during the run.

Naomi was a bit thin, but the art was great. She’s been promoted to the big time in Justice League now and I’ll be on the lookout for season 2. Now that Campbell is done with Far Sector, I hope that’s his next assignment. I would expect it come out when the tv series starts.

I think of Teen Titans and Young Justice as being pretty much the same thing, just different generations. The Titans just got to grow so popular over the long haul that their fans prefer to see them together. However, if the JLA generation were to retire, I think the Titans would step into the roles as the new JLA. Wally, Dick, Donna, Vic and Roy have already made the leap at some point.


Your mention of the Teen Titans and Young Justice has me thinking of Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day as a potential JLBC read later in the year.

Hmmm…decisions, decisions. :thinking: