Justice League Book Club Week 22: Justice League/Power Rangers

Greetings League, and a very happy forthcoming June and Summer season to you ALL. :clark_hv_4: I hope 2021 has treated you well thus far, as I have a treat for you:


Earth’s Greatest Super Heroes™ face off against Angel Grove’s Greatest Teen Heroes™: Who wins?

:books: Read:

:speaking_head: Discuss

  • What was your favorite moment from this mini-series?
  • Are you a Power Rangers fan, and if so, which series is your favorite (and yes, the Super Sentai shows can be mentioned as well, if you like :slight_smile: )
  • Whatever else may come to your DC-loving, Angel Grove-protecting hearts. :heart:

That’s our mission for this week, League! Sure, it’s another crossover, but hey, when they’re as fun as Justice League/Power Rangers is, why not partake in it, ya dig?

Have a morphenomenal good time, Ranger League! :justice_league_book_club: :superman:


Me: I will not take on any additional books in the month of June and finally begin to chip away at the pile of books next to me.

Also me: Power Rangers and Justice League?!?! Count me in. Darn you most recent Power Rangers movie for making me interested in this again.


I haven’t seen all of that one, but I do enjoy the 1995 movie to an extent. WAL, maybe?

sees if MMPR: The Movie is streaming anywhere ATM


I am surprised that I actually enjoyed this series a lot! I have never been a Power Rangers fan, but I enjoyed them here. My favorite part was the boxing glove arrow!


I have the newest one. I liked it for what it was. Elizabeth Banks was good as Rita.


I was too. I usually hate these kinds of crossovers, as more often than not the only value in them is the “Gosh! DC mixed with another franchise? Well, why not read it?” variety, and that’s being quite charitable in some cases. :slight_smile:

However, this one was actually fun, and wasn’t of the cheap gimmick experience that many other cross-franchise comic “events” are.

IDK what my favorite part is offhand (although I’ll specify later on), but that boxing glove arrow was swell. You can never go wrong with it! :00_green_arrow_rebirth:

SN: It’s good to see you active in the club again, @scoop001! I hope to see you around these parts more, good sir. :superman_hv_4:


I’d be curious what a movie update on Lord Zedd would be like, as he’s my all-time favorite MMPR villain. Dude’s a badass, and then some.


OMG. I’m geeking out - yes puhlease!

:smirk: Lord Zedd is legit a menace - I love the PR world when it’s not being made for young kids tbh.

That being said, if you haven’t checked out any of the Power Rangers comics coming from BOOM! Studios, you’re in for a real treat.

You work on that, and I’ll read up on this so I can bring some juicy conversation in hehe :smiling_imp:


Gasp and gadzooks! A mod in a book club discussion? I thought that was, as Jor-El said in Superman: The Movie, “Forbidden!”.

Nevertheless, I enthusiastically welcome you, @LastSon0fMars. Sit, read, gorge yourself on Chocos and Ovaltine and…be merry! :santa:

I have heard good things about Boom’s PR books. Is there a title in particular you’d recommend? For what its worth, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is the era of the franchise I like the best. The others are kind of…meh (Zeo was kind of cool, though), but if I’m to stake my flag anywhere on Planet Power Rangers, it’s in Angel Grove.

I look forward to your thoughts on this read. :slight_smile:

yoinks a Choco and pours some Ovaltine into his Superman coffee mug


Its Tuesday, so that means brand-new comics on store shelves AND brand-new to DCUI comics! :partying_face: :fireworks: :champagne: Here’s the latest and greatest Justice League-related reads for YOU! :superman_hv_4:

Brand-new Justice League Comics

Justice League #62

Justice League #62 variant, by Howard Porter

The Justice League! The biggest heroes! The biggest threats! With their powers out of control and trapped on a world they do not understand, the League must band together like never before. Queen Hippolyta is forced to confront her new destiny. All this and a last page so shocking that it will have fans of Naomi screaming!

Meanwhile, in our bonus story, the Justice League Dark are trapped in the Library of Babel, where they are learning the hard way that the pen is mightier than their swords. Elsewhere, Merlin sets his sights on a lost city that hides the key to his violent delights. Could this mean a violent end for all?

RWBY/Justice League #11 (Digital First)

Team RWBY’s assault on the creature begins! As they enact their plan, they quickly learn they underestimated the monster’s resources and power as he wages a war on the team with all of Remnant!

Brand-new to DCUI Justice League-related Comics

Dark Nights: Death Metal-The Multiverse Who Laughs

The DC Multiverse is a collection of alternate-reality worlds where anything is possible. Each world tells the tale of a possible split in reality, or shows how lives vary depending on a single, solitary decision. But now that the Multiverse has been destroyed, the Batman Who Laughs has used his god like power to create a new Dark Multiverse…a collection of 52 evil worlds, each more terrifying than the last. This one-shot offers the curious-and the brave-a glimpse into the nightmare realities that the Batman Who Laughs has created in tales by creators who know what it means to have a truly twisted sense of misfit humor. An Arkham Asylum even more terrifying than what we know? A world of evil Super Pets? All that and more in these new tales of the Multiverse Who Laughs!

DC Nation Presents: DC: Future State #1

DC Future State spotlights the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in fresh new roles, with all-new characters taking up their iconic mantles and terrifying new Super-Villains that will push them beyond their limits. DC Future State features an incredible array of creative talent, combining award-winning writers and artists with new voices from the worlds of TV, movies, and animation. In DC Future State, the Multiverse has been saved from the brink of destruction, but the triumph of DC’s heroes has shaken loose the very fabric of time and space! The final chapter of Dark Nights: Death Metal (on sale January 5, 2021) brings new life to DC’s Multiverse, kicking off this glimpse into the unwritten worlds of DC’s future! This free, 32-page, comic book-sized magazine provides insights into what DC Future State is all about. Inside you’ll find articles, interviews, behind-the-scenes artwork and more. Discover the Destiny of the DC Universe!

Justice League Dark #28

No greater cost than this! As the Justice League Dark’s losses continue to mount, all of Zatanna’s training and adventures have led to a spell that will defeat the Upside-Down Man. But there is always a price. Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, Doctor Fate, and Man-Bat must contend with their choices and decide how they will move forward after such an explosive ending.

Who’s Who Update 1987 #1

New characters, corrected information, and all-new art, as we go from A to Z.

Whether it’s brand new to stores, or brand-new to DCUI, there’s a Justice League-related book out there for YOU! :justice_league_book_club: :superman:


Well hello there Justice League Book Club Tally-Ho and everyone else. :wave: :sunglasses:

Talk about a fun crossover! :joy:

Looks at the many screenshots just saved… Hmmm… I think I can narrow it down to these moments… :thinking: :superman_hv_4:

Favorite Moments from Justice League/Power Rangers

Well done making your entrance Flash. :flash_hv_3:

It’s an excellent description of the situation Flash. :flash_hv_5:

Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Meet Superman Pink Ranger. :superman_hv_3:

Thank you for the excellent point Flash. :00_lc_green_lantern: :flash_hv_1:

A fun thing happened Flash! :smiley:

Thank you lasso of truth for an interesting conversation. :00_wonder_woman_gold:

Yup, why so serious Batman? :joker_hv_2:

Always nice seeing the Rangers and their Zords ready for battle. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great Hera is right Wonder Woman! Also nice reaction from Flash. :0_wonder_woman: :flash_hv_1:

Definitely old enough to get my robot dinosaur license… Just have to find the office to get it at though… :thinking: :grin:

Very nice distraction made by Superman! :superman_hv_3:

Can’t stop Wonder Woman! :wonderwoman:

Alpha 5 is a good robot Batman. :robot:

Wow, just look at this. :astonished:

Yup, can not laugh at this sequence. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This entire sequence of Batman trying to smile… :joy: :batman_hv_1:

Good insider information for Zach Barry! :flash_hv_5:

It’s true Wonder Woman in completely understanding Pink Ranger wanting to take the boxing glove arrow. :bow_and_arrow: :boxing_glove: :rofl:

Sure, I’m a fan… Although I have not watched the series in years… I think the series I did watch were the original one, some of the Alien one, some of the Zeo one, some of the Turbo one, and then maybe stopped sometime when they went into space. :sweat_smile: :superman_hv_4:

Ah yes, there were some other fun things to say as well. :clark_hv_4:

Other Justice League/Power Rangers Thoughts

The different variant covers were nice. This one is one of my favorites. :grin:

The sequences when the Rangers morphed for the first time were fun to see. :star_struck:

Nice of Flash to phase and meet Red Ranger in this way. :flash_hv_3:

Funny how this became a thing Flash. :sweat_smile:

Lex is on the $100 bill?! :scream:


It is funny you mention this. I have been going back and forth on if I want to get the Power Ranger Humble Bundle. I think you might have swayed me!

EDIT: Of course, I would have to know the newest bundles as this is a service I provide for @Vroom on a regular basis over the past year give or take.


If you’re into MMPR, definitely go for the MMPR & Go Go PR comics! They are literally everything I could ask for from MMPR - you get so much backstory and character development in the series, not to mention how mature the themes in the comics are.

Haha I saw this earlier! There is some great content in that bundle… might have to get it as a gift for my sibling! :smiley:


You own stock in that company, don’t you? :wink:

One of these days, I’m going to snag one of those bundles.

@LastSon0fMars Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll take a look at those. :superman_hv_4:


I wish I did! Then again, I may set the money that they get to nothing and all to the comic companies and charities.


Oh hai, @ajm08g! :wave:t2: :slight_smile: As always, your selections are on point, and then some, especially Lex on the $100 bill. Given his ego, you know Lex couldn’t resist being on money. Diggin’ your Red Ranger and Wonder Woman variant cover highlight too. :+1:t2:

I haven’t watched full episodes of MMPR in years, but I did try a re-watch of it on Netflix months ago and…well, its absolutely true that some things that were cool when you were a kid just don’t have the same level of cool when you’re an adult. The Zord and monster effects are still impressive though.

Thanks for all of your fun and thorough thoughts, @ajm08g. They’re morphenomenal!


Hello, hello Vroom. :wave: :smiley:

Oh, thank you. You are far too kind sir. :clark_hv_4:

This is true… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

ajm08g then heads off to go to Big Belly Burger which Lex has a stake in:hamburger: :fries: :cup_with_straw: :yum:

Oh no. :pensive:

That’s good to know though. :sunglasses: :+1:

Just checked and found one more. :00_wonder_woman_gold: :superman:

One other thought

Can always count on Wonder Woman and Superman! :grin:

Sorry for the beginners luck Alpha 5 in destroying a few things, but it all worked out in the end… That is… Until Brainiac took over… :scream: :robot: :eyes: :sweat_smile:



Say, if I kick a ten spot your way, can you grab me a #3 combo? Heck, toss in a #8 too. I :heart: Big Belly’s Mozzarella Stix (their spelling).

That was one of my favorite scenes with those two. Nice art for the series, as well as nice art for each of them in general. Good stuff! :metal:t2:


Order is served. :joy:


Nummers! :drooling_face: It’s time to enact my inner Kirby.

Also, this (why? Because its cute. :blush:):