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Ive noticed that the content of the DCU orginal series on this app, are filled with profanity… seriously I’ve never seen any other shows that throws so many “Fuck” bombs than Titans and Doom Patrol… So why are the rules of the threads so uptight about language? And there’s kids who use this app, wouldn’t it be fair to give some sort of warning that the content of the shows on this app may be inappropriate for children under 17… kinda like on television, they say "View Discretion is Advised "… why not implement that on these shows.

To me it’s rather conteadicting to use profanity on here, but listen to is on the shows on here… it’s not a big deal, I’m just wondering why is all…


PS… If no one thinks I’m bringing up a good point, than I must be crazy!


I do think the shows should show a list of reasons their show is rated TV MA, for example, Language, Brief Nudity, Violence, and so on, like most streaming services do.

As for toning down the profanity on the board, I am all for that. I understand things get heated, and sometimes I will resort to some cuss words myself, but I try not to do that often, or use the harsher cuss words.

I am also guilty of sometimes forgetting that there are young children on these boards. I am more aware of this now though, so try to keep that in mind when making posts.

However, some of the posts with a lot of profanity in them are, I suspect, from the younger members.



My sister subscribed this app for my nephew, who is in the 7th year (not knowing I had it) and apparently he watched Titans and now he keeps repeating “Fuck Batman”… guess she really didnt supervise him, while watching, assuming it was a kids app. I just think they should get a better handle on their censorship…

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I have to disagree here. I love our teenage users, I’m not saying they should quit the service at all. But this is an adult app, the content is meant for adult fans, and I don’t want to lose that. There are so many kids-only things already. I don’t want a show’s artistic vision to be hindered by being forced to tone it down in case children are watching. We have such a unique platform here because the shows don’t need to abide by network tv guidelines. Parents should monitor what their children watch, not what I watch.

As to profanity use on the community forums, flag it. If it’s against the code of conduct the mods will remove the post. There’s nothing they can do if they don’t see it.

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I am not suggesting censorship, myself. Some here do, but what I think most of these members, probably parents, saying is that they want a way to control what their children are watching here, especially the adult content stuff.

I disagree with censorship, but I do agree parents need to be able to control what their children can see here.


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I’m not saying they should cancel the app or anything of that sort… I just meant they need to be more open to advising people that not everything on here is kid friendly…

And how do we know this is an adult app??? Theres nothing that indicates that… this is what I mean, when I say we should be informed this so we dont have little 7 year olds screaming Fuck Batman, when the parent assumes its q kid app…

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Help Center > General Questions: “Is the content on DC Universe appropriate for children?” Answer: “DC Universe contains content that is not appropriate for everyone, including violence and adult language. The service itself is not intended for children.”

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Okay but how would a parent know this prior to downloading the app?..

I don’t know, there’s a free trial, maybe that should have been an option explored to figure out what the app was before the subscription process?

The app is rated Teen. On Android, under the word Teen it says “Diverse Content: Discretion Advised, Users Interact, Digital Purchases”

Are you saying it should be rated Mature?

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Not necessarily, no! I’m just saying there should be a better way to inform parents thats it’s not a kids app is all… Dont get me wrong, I like the app… But that’s not to say that, that it should only be intended for adults.

But I’m also saying that if it is an adult app, then there should be no problem with profanity on here, seeing as there is profanity in the shows… but I’d rather see kids enjoy this amazingness too as opposed to only adults

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I see that the app, on my phone, does have a “Support” option, but on the website itself, here at DC Universe, I see no “Support” options at all. Since I primarily use this service on my PC for the Community, this is most likely where I would look for a support center, but never find one.

I use my Roku TV DC Universe app for watching the shows, and that is a very limited app at that, and I doubt it has a Support option either. Only the phone app has that option, for support, and I rarely use that app for anything.

At least now I know where Support is located though. Odd that I have to go to my phone to find it though.

No matter what support says about this site, being for adults, the reality is that a lot of underage kids are here. This issue does need to be addressed.


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Its whatever I was just wondering hence the headline

@Zothegreat46 "But that’s not to say that, that it should only be intended for adults. "

Especially with the large selection of shows that are geared towards a younger audience, and some even geared for younger children.

I can see why a parent could just assume that all the content here was just for kids. Many people do have the mistaken opinion that comics are for kids. In the past, that was true, but that past ended, or started coming to an end, about 30 + years ago.

Yes, it is the parents duty to check into things, clearly more than most of them are doing, but the web site, and apps are not really all that well designed and are probably very confusing to people who are not Internet literate for more than very basic stuff, if that.


Lol like I said… its whatever I was just wondering!