Just Wanted To Say Hello

Been awhile, had to stop by and say hello, and show off my White Knight Batcycle, I have two, one is original with the corresponding Batman, and the other is one I customized, which using spray paint cans was not super easy because turns out ya cant just spray something like a hee haw and expect it to come out right so bit of trial and error, plus I didn’t work on it every day, and I found a youtube video to learn how to dismantle it. Was harder putting it back together, especially when im trying to put together a piece backwards !

Over all I am pleased with it , I wish I had the energy to set up a proper photo background , but most one can buy are really designed for figures that are about the size of a GI Joe… Maybe one day.
on the guns I had painted the word Bang ! on them, was hard finding paint pen that would show right, and eventually i had to paint over the purple side in white, by brush. An I shot this with my camera phone so hence the crap quality.



I actually did paint the engine as well, I mixed in some copper for high lights, and used black and white all acrylic paint for the engine, rest i tapped and spray painted using some jimmy rigged stands/


Great work!
I Would have thought it was part of an official line.


Looks great, @Corpsmember.78!!! Amazing job!!


Very nice work. :+1:t2:


ty all