Just finished S1 of TITANS and "WOW!" So proud of this show

So I know I’m a little late, but I just powered through the last three episodes of DC Universe’s TITANS and it was nothing short of incredible, I know the series caught a lot of flack when it was first revealed but I had been riding that hype train since the very very beginning…and all I can say was it has been incredible.

As a dark and yet very “comic booky” hybrid of Joel Schumacher’s DC Universe by way of Tim Burton with hues of Zack Snyder, Akiva Goldsman’s influence is felt so widely here. The actors, all of them especially Thwaites as Dick were top notch as well. It was amazing to see the series- not just the characters and actors- mature and find it’s own footing over the course of the season. You can really tell when it all started to click for the writers and directors. So much love went into this thing.

As for the finale itself, it sets an interesting stage for S2. Trigon being brought into the world was honestly something I didnt see happening so soon, but I loved them tying Trigon/Raven into Starfire and her appearance on Earth. The decision to turn Raven’s mother into an antagonist as well was jaw-dropping for me, and looking back on it you definitely see her manipulation running throughout the season.

The main theme of the season being parents, family, and the weight of generations was handled well too. I am sure that shows no signs of stopping leading into S2 with Ravager/Jericho/Deathstroke as well as Superboy. Keep up the damn fine work, DCU Team.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.