[JSA Book Club] Week Four: Welcome to Hollywood [4/4-4/18]

Hello again fans of the JSA. We the Club Leaders of the JSA Book Club hope everyone staying safe and healthy during this time.

This week the JSA Book Club is returning to follow the adventures of Infinity, Inc as they move to their new HQ in L.A. Old friends, old foes, reporters, concerts and lot of other things abound in this week’s issues so I think its time we call this meeting to order.

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This week’s issues:

Infinity, Inc (1984) #11-18

Questions to consider:

  1. What did you think of the Star Spangled Kid’s adventure in issue # 11?

  2. The newly minted Infinity, Inc held a press conference in issue # 12. What do you think of the overall idea of a superhero team doing this?

  3. The Police chief was so impressed with the Infinitors that he hired them as back-up security for the Stone Dead concert. What did you think of this particular story amd who had the best showing here?

  4. Who was you favorite villain this time around: Chroma, Thorn, Mr. Bones and Helix, The Harlequin, or Boss Weed?

  5. Which was your favorite story from these issues. Explain.

And that’s all we have this week.

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Next time: We travel to the 1990s to catch up with the JSA once more.


OOOH I haven’t read Infinity, Inc in about 5 years now. I absolutely loved this book! Starting on this read over the weekend.

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I still am trying to plough through the early issues of Infinity Inc.

It is just not my thing.

In my decades of reading team books, I find the best books are those that mix older heroes with new.

All star 58 with Power Girl, Robin and Star Spangled Kid added to the JSA.

The new Xmen with Jean Gray and Cyclops remaining.

The New Tean Titans

Geoff John’s Justice Society with Starfirl, Cyclone, Damage and even the earlier JSA with Sand, Atom Smasher and Captain Marvel. Nucklon.and Atom Smasher are the same character but how much better he is as Atom.Smasher than here.

All new Avenger.with Ms Marvel Nova and new Spider Man.along with old Iron Man and Vision, new Lady Thor and Sam Wilson Captain America

All new X men with the oliginal teen members alongside the current team.

All these teams are many times better than Infinity Inc. Power Girl and Huntress don’t below here but it was a Editorial mandate. Only.Brain Wave, Obsidian and Jade are interesting both in.power sts and personality. The rest have non great costumes bland personalities, and unoriginal power sets

Hopefully we will get to the JSA soon in this club, which the club is named for.

@TurokSonOfStone1950- You’re in luck then. We will be starting Robinson’s 1999 JSA run with the next posting on April 20th.

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I already started reading that

The first couplr of issues dont have the perfect team

With Jack, the son of the oroginal Starman who is a great character but not a team player


Queen Hippolyta as Wonder Woman
And Black Canary

But later on the Team Jells

Sand is a good character and I think the leader.

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Tesearching further

You are talking

Golden Age


JDA right


At least some of JSA 1999 is written by Robinson

It was Geoff Johns first major work, maybe after Stars and Stripes.

Now he is much more famous than Robinson

Comixology gives no credit to Robinson

But I see his name as writer in the actual credits for the first issue

Golden Age is 1993? Right. That is a superior piece of work. Though.Elseworlds mayne?i

Yes it was 1993 and it is an Elseworlds story but still an excellent one. We will get to it at well.

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I miss Infinity Inc. Hell I miss the OLD pre Crisis Earth 2 as a whole.
This is a difficult story arc for me 11-18. On one hand the team was firing on all cylinders and it was really getting good, about to get Hourman and the new Mid-Nite on the team so the groundwork is being set for them to join. We get the awesome Helix and an under rated gem in Mr. Bones. With all of that perfection we also get the move towards the "Crisis. While it was a great story and I still cherish the art, it decimated the almost perfect Earth 2 so this is a bittersweet arc for this Infinity fan. Additionally didn’t care Chroma, I liked the rock concert security idea but Chroma felt very much like a hollow filler villain. Huge perk at this time is we get Todd McFarlane on the book. I think I actually like Todd’s art more on Infinity Inc as it was more contained, not as over the top as it would go on to be known for. Spawn owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Bones.

  1. It’s odd that Stripsey would make cars for a mob boss but I see why he resented Sylvester’s family for taking his patents. It was a fun romp to get them friendly again.

  2. It’s LA you have to have a press conference. A major city would most definitely have one. Obviously it’s all about branding even in the super hero world!

  3. Obviously Obsidian because his power set kept him from falling under the mesmerizing charm of Chroma!

  4. I’m more partial to Thorn because the character is stranded and they try to help the poor doctor. I do like Mr. Bones but that is only because he shows up in Manhunter where Kate Spencer is the lead.

  5. For me the Thorn story was my favorite. The gang got to relax a bit and meet a new character who they will soon find out that is an enemy. The Helix crew were so off the wall weird that it almost reminded me of other characters in DC. Baby Boom reminded me of the Batman Animated Series and Kritter reminded me of a mute “Beast”, Just weird characters and their motivation was just odd.

I enjoyed how off the wall the Helix crew were myself but I have a tendency toward liking oddball characters so that explains my reaction to them.

Thorn was my favorite though and I enjoyed that story the most. I really like seeing the team having some downtime, which is something readers don’t get to see enough of these days in my opinion . I wouldn’t necessarily want to see it all the time but seeing it every once in awhile would be nice.

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