:jsa_book_club: JSA Book Club: Father's Day 2.0 [6/1/23 - 6/15/23]


This month’s post is all about Dad…those who we were born to by chance, or those that came into our lives by choice. Whether you are celebrating with or simply remembering yours this year, there is no doubt of the huge impact they make on our lives.

I know that this post is a repeat, but that’s only because I feel it’s important. I’m missing my dad this year just as much as ever. If only I had Hourman’s pocket dimension so I could have one last talk… or a hug.


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This Month’s reading:

JSA #38 and JSA #81

Discussion Questions:

1: In JSA #38 Hourman gets a chance for that hour-long “one last talk” with his dad. What would you say to yours? If not him, who else would you choose to use that hour talking to instead?

2: The stereotypical Father’s Day present is a tie. Pick your favorite comic-dad and buy them one. What color is it? What does it have on it?


Well I coincidently just read JSA 81 and have written multiple essays on it anyway.

That is a key part of issue 38. Should it be used for things like that or just world saving, and it sides with using it for some simple talking.

I decided to try and look into if the writers had their own father issues.

For Goyer I found he was raised by a single mother, though his dad did give him an Issac Asimov book for his 13th birthday he praised as getting him into science fiction. It is easy to see how he writing what he knows in a fantasy setting with Hourman.

Geoff Johns solely wrote issue 81. It seems he and his dad get along perfectly fine. He writes many characters with big father issues, and I presume the reasoning is similar to how Don Bluth described how he writes family. He spends so much time at work and does not get to talk much with his parents or siblings, thus he writes his characters as being away from them.

Especially after Star and STRIPE Pat is seldom around when Stargirl is (The robot was only mentioned in New 52), and she really does spend most of her time away from him. I can see in both issue 81 and JSA/JSA when she is shown at Blue Valley that Star is trying to enjoy her time with them until she inevitably has to go back to the JSA similar to how many people need to enjoy their family time when they can when they are not working.

Well my dad is still alive. That is why I would talk to Mawmaw who died when I was 8. With that being almost 20 years ago I would try to talk about our family and wing it from there. I would have trouble actually using that hour always thinking I will need it more later.

I have never bought my dad a tie (he has worked from home for so long, and I think he prefers to buy his own ties). My favorite comic book dad is Batman (I know what a surprise). He loves his trophies from past victories, so I am thinking an image of the cover of Batman 1.

I got dad his father’s day gift (steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse). I know he would prefer that to a tie.