Josie Campbell Q&A and Exclusive Giveaway!

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The season for spooks is almost upon us! Ready for some pre-game TERROR?

For this month’s DC Creator Q&A, we’ll be sitting down with Josie Campbell, the talented writer behind Knight Terrors: Woman Woman! As always, we’ll be diving into your burning questions — this time, as we traipse into the nightmarish world Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp have suddenly found themselves in!

Submit your questions from now until August 25th — then get hyped for the official release of Episode 5 on September 8th!

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Get hyped for Episode 5 of the DC Creator Q&A Series! Remember: get those questions in from now through August 25th for your chance to win a signed copy of Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1, and keep your eyes peeled for this episode to drop on September 8th!

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Hey Josie! Huge fan of MAWS (last episode got dark) and your Mary Marvel/Shazam mini.

  1. You’ve mentioned you’re a Supergirl fan, even wrote that Legion animated movie starring her. Do you think Kara has the same optimistic view of life as Kal, or has seeing Krypton die caused her to be more cynical?

  2. Other than the Amazons Attack mini, any more DC work coming up?

  3. Favorite Superman villain (other than Lex since he’s usually everyone’s favorite lol)?


Hello Josie,
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wonder Woman in a horror story before, what was the inspiration that inspire you to make this great horror story? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Josie! I’ve always been curious about the story behind the “New Champion of Shazam” miniseries. Early on it was hit with significant delays, and it seemed to end prematurely at 4 issues. Was New Champion always meant to be a 4 issue series? And if not, what happened?


Hey Josie! My question for you is besides Diana, who’s your favorite member of the Wonder Woman family?


First, just want to say thanks for taking your time to do this stuff, and thanks for your involvement in these great stories you’ve been a part of. I’ve really been enjoying My Adventures With Superman, and I’ve loved your work in movies like Legion of Super-Heroes, and comics like The New Champion of Shazam.

Now, for the question: What was the process in choosing the characters that will play a role in Amazons Attack? Might we see other members of the WW family during the series?


Hey Josie! I loved your work on Knight terrors: Wonder Woman and Mary Marvel! I have a few questions for you.

who is your favorite classic Shazam character? I loved seeing Dudley again in new champion of Shazam!

which JLD member is your favorite? I liked seeing their nightmare worlds in knight terrors: WW

And what other dc heroes do you think would match the world of my adventures with Superman!


Hi Josie, thank you for doing this! You obviously did a lot of Fawcett Comics research when writing New Champion of Shazam! Was there a Golden Age story that inspired that mini-series more than any other?


Just seeing this now but LOVING IT! Have been missing the Q&As and Josie Campbell has become one of my favorite DC writers so this is awesome!

Let me give this some thought and get my question posted in a day or two.


Greetings, Ms. Campbell! :wave:t2:

Thanks for your great work on The New Champion of Shazam!, Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman and, best of all, My Adventures with Superman, as they’re all wonderfully entertaining.

Question: Regarding My Adventures with Superman, were there any elements from previous animated Superman TV shows that you wanted to bring to the fold for this series, so to as showcase things you were a fan of and/or build upon things you liked and take them to a new level of enjoyment for other fans?

Thank you for your time with the DC Community! :heart:



What is it like writing for a major crossover event with other writers? How is it different from writing a story arc by yourself?


Hello :wave:
Thanks for stopping by

My question is which Justice League Dark member do you think works best with Diana?


Hey Josie,

You are so talented! I love your stories! I was wondering what your all-time favorite comic issue is.


Hi, Josie! I greatly enjoyed “The New Champion of Shazam!” and I am loving “My Adventures with Superman”.

You’ve written for Shazam and family, Wonder Woman, and Superman. What other DC characters would you like to write for next if asked?


First off, Josie, thank you for bringing so many graat stories to us DC fans. Seeing your name in the credits or on the cover gets me excited and I love the style you bring to each project. My question is how? How do you write such compelling stories that combine heart, humor, action and emotion so consistently and so consisely? In 24 pages or 24 minutes you take us on a journey and I wonder how you do it? Do you add a layer with each revision? Do your editors help add layers? What magic are you using? I know it’s not easy because very few writers are able to pull it off but you make it look easy.