Jonah Hex - Costume Change Controversy

They are calling for his costume to change

I get it. It’s hard to recommend a comic about a hero who dresses like a Confederate soldier. Writers have done a good job of justifying it in the past, but comics are a visual medium and optics matter. Maybe it’s time for him to evolve.


Can you imagine how bad the uniform smells? He never changes it. But as long as they don’t change his backstory (that’s still solid and makes him a far more interesting character) then I don’t really think getting him some new duds would be a big deal.


Let us recall that Gray and Palmiotti’s run in All-Star Western ended with them taking away Jonah Hex’s SCARS. Compared to that, the uniform is small potatoes.


Hes part of that new crossover dark.metals or something like that

I also put this topic intv section since hesbeen on t

Keep him in gray, take away the Confederate symbols yet DC can still keep the backstory of him being from the Confederate side originally.

It really doesn’t make sense IMO when you see J Hex on CW DC Legends of Tomorrow that he’s in that suit still as a sheriff in a western town. It just doesn’t make any logical fictional sense.

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To be fair, that’s a decision I can forgive only because Gray and Palmiotti used the “no more scars” plot point as a way to give Jonah the best possible “good ending” he could receive.


The Saint of Killers stays the same though right?

Only argument I can think of to justify it is that the soldier’s uniform makes him stand out some from other similar western characters in DC’s lineup, but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t figure something out, give him a new outfit that pops.

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