Joker's Orgin Poll

While I’m watching the 1989 Batman on my DVD right now, I was thinking, Which film has the best Joker Orgin story on a big screen? :joker_hv_5:

  • 1989 Batman
  • 2019 Joker

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I would add The Dark Knight, but the Joker didn’t have any orgin story, he appeared out of nowhere. Plus he had 2 different story about how he got his scar.


I would still vote for The Dark Knight if you did have that option. He basically presents his multiple choice origin, which is what I prefer (and I think Joker 2019 is perfectly compatible with that).


Mask of the Phantasm has something of a Joker origin story, too.


You got me there, but we don’t see him turn into the Joker. :joker_hv_1:

I prefer Joker 2019 because it is a loose, yet original, adaption of the killing joke and I prefer the concept of his origin being multiple choice


Red Hood has a Joker Origin. I like that the best, because it’s the one I always remembered.


Anytime I make a poll they always seem like close call!:slightly_smiling_face: Thankyou everybody for voting!

I prefer the origin from Batman: The Animated Series that was told between the episode Mad Love and the movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

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Only comenting on the choices given. I voted joker because in comic books wasent it Joe chill who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. The more accurate Batman origin story lends credibility to the more accurate Joker origin story in my opinion. Batman begins and dark knight would be my choice for live action origin story’s or under the red hood.

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2019 Joker. I really liked the idea that the creation of the Joker directly lead to the creation of Batman. Weather that really happened in the movie or if it was all in Arthur’s head is up for debate but its still a cool idea.

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Well here is one way too look at it.
It does explain tho of who Jack Napier was befor he was gangster,
And all the Alias names
And Arthur Flick.

The Joker