Joker Trailer

I just saw the first trailer to Joker and I’m amazed by it. Also I’m kinda scared by it. Some of my favorite moments/shots are Arthur forcing a smile on his face because he’s too sad, angry or just crazy to do it naturally; his posture changing once he embraces his madness; and that laugh that sends shivers down our spines. At first I didn’t think much of until I saw this and understood what it’ll be. This looks like it will be a great character driven story.

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I agree I was meh until I seen the trailer and he nailed the laugh in my opinion. Can’t wait till fall.


I’m not entirely sold on this as a JOKER movie. It looks like a really good suspense/thriller with a creepy guy in a clown mask, but it’s missing something IMO. It’s still really early tho- far too soon for me to decide…

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