Joker: Killer Smile (Book One)

1: Who got theirs?
2: Who wants to talk about it?
Bonus Question: How SICK is that Cover B?!?!


I got cover b! Haven’t read it yet, though. Was it good?

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They say that the sign of a good book is that the last panel leaves you wanting to turn another page and…yeah…I’m SUPER excited about Book Two, but this book could be a good book all by itself!

Sometimes I get real excited about books and by the time they come out I’m a little let down because of all the anticipation, but this book was RAD!!!

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lols crying

I like the cover on the right. I haven’t picked this one up yet, but I might want a physical copy.

I look at it as collecting art. When I display one of these on my wall it’s going to be the Cover B. I’ll post a picture in a bit.

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Hey, nice wallpaper!


Thank you!

My mom was actually the one who encouraged me to do it…

Her and I took this class together at a studio here in San Diego and the bathroom was covered in old pages…

And she was all like:
“JO! You HAVE to do that to your bedroom!”


Fantastic book, waaaaaaay better than the Joker movie.

This came out yesterday?? What?!?!

Did you not like the movie? Personally, I loved it.

This book and the movie are two WAYYY different stories…

Both were AMAZING though!

I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t care for it.

I was honestly disappointed that there wasn’t more violence but it was an amazing film.