John Diggle - The Ultimate Slow Play

It has been hinted at so hard that John Diggle is destined to become the CW-verse Green Lantern. In his most recent appearance on Supergirl Braniac 5 practically winked at the audience saying in his expression “I know what your future holds.” Can we finally bring this story to where everyone knows it is going and have him put on the ring? Or do we have to wait for the upcoming Green Lanterns series, which has no current release date.


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I think we need to see him put on the ring. There’s still a bunch of people who watch the Arrowverse shows who know little to nothing about the Green Lantern mythos, so just jumping to him already being a GL would be confusing to a good chunk of the audience. Plus it just wouldn’t be as satisfying to miss out on him finally becoming an actual Lantern. I’ve waited this long, so I can wait a little while longer

I’m all for the origin story arc, but this pre origin part is stretching out a bit long.

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True, it’d be nice to not have to wait several more months at least, but I’d still rather have that than nothing