JLA and JSA Team-Up - Idea For Next Years Arrowverse Crossover

Just thought I would throw my “brilliant” idea out there.

Assuming Stargirl get’s picked up for a second season (and I have faith it will), I was thinking of how they could do the crossover next year.

Since we more or less saw the formation of the JLA in the last crossover, even though they will probably never call them that, and Stargirl will apparently cover the formation of the new Justice Society. I would love it if they would do a story that had a threat from Stargirl’s world come to Earth Prime and use it to have the Arrowverse JLA team up with their JSA. Finally a true JLA/JSA Crossover on TV.

They could limit the Arrowverse characters to basically the 7 we saw at the end of the crossover (with maybe some cameo’s from heroes on the regular show their episode aired on) and maybe not even all the Stargirl JSA.

Would also not nessecarily have to have all 5 (or 6 with the Superman show) and Stargirl have episodes. Could limit it to 4 or even 3 of the effected shows but have the full JLA team together.

While not as epic as Crisis it would be awesome to see the Arrowverse pay tribute to the JLA/JSA crossovers that were such a big part of comics, especially pre-crisis, complete with an alternate earth storyline.


I don’t think we’ll see that next year. It will be some earth-prime threat that everybody on earth-prime knows about.

I think the year after that, we might see a JLA/JSA team up.

Given we don’t know if Stargirl will get picked up for a second season yet. I doubt the shooting and post-production schedules would align this year. Plus I think Stargirl would need a second season to really solidify the JSA.

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Another possible place to go for the crossover? Blackest Night. Bring back everyone who’s died as a villain!


Sounds awesome but I think next will be smaller but who knows maybe they could make it simple than I’m thinking

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They did say smaller. I would think that would be smaller at least compared to Crisis, especially if they limited the number of Arrowverse shows it crossed over with. (Just because they use all 7 JLA members wouldn’t mean crossing over with every Arrowverse show). But yeah they might just want to give the JLA a more Eath Prime centric threat.

And do love the idea of Blackest Knight. Would be a fun way to bring back past characters. Although unless Diggle becomes a GL in the final episode of Arrow like is rumored. Be hard to work in Green Lantern. Don’t see them doing a full on crossover with the HBO MAX series that early.

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Full-cast crossovers between TV series that aren’t part of the same franchise* rarely happen because of logistics.

*Stargirl falls into this category despite Berlanti Productions helping to produce it and it occupying a place in the Arrowverse franchise’s internal Multiverse