Jim Starlin's Hardcore Station

I recently came across this six issue mini-series from the 90’s. I’ve had it for years (bought it on a whim) but completely forgot about it until I was going through a longbox.

Has anyone read this mini, and if so what’d you think of it? I like Jim Starlin quite a bit myself.

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I always liked it, even though Starlin has since had some complaints about editorial interference. It’s a classic sci fi theme that lends itself to an entertaining read.
He returned to the Station a number of times that are/will be here (Check the wiki page) and some prose novels that are available cheap on kindle.

This mini isn’t available digitally yet, but I saw some other HS material from a different publisher (I don’t recall who offhand) at Comixology.

Since Starlin evidently owns the property, I wonder if the original mini will ever get a digital release from DC.

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