Jean Paul Valley’s Azrael: The Series

Is there anyone out there that loves Azrael’s storyline and wishes they would pop up here since there aren’t any TPBs past V1 of Fallen Angel?!?

Love Jean Paul! My first comic was Robin #1 with Tim Drake. I entered comics during Knightfall! How cool is that?


I hope we get another Azrael series and I would love to write it!

Agreed! I’m looking all over for the Knightfall series. While Batman the Animated series was going in the 90s, Knightfall was what drew me into Batman comics and DC.

I can’t wait for Jean Paul to show up when Justice League Odyssey finally drops! He was one of my favorite things about Detective Comics Rebirth!

Same! And isn’t it crazy just how he never changed his look that much, but he’s back in fashion with those round glasses! lol!

Those glasses are such a great visual, and when he changes to his Azrael mode, it’s just so dramatic!

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